Monday, August 25, 2008

What will Michelle Obama say?

Besides the story of the little girl from the South Side of Chicago who grew up to meet and marry The One, we’ll get liberal bromides about what “Barack and this party – all of you in this convention hall and millions watching tonight - want to do for America.”

And "change." We'll get lots of talk about that.

I should have worked “change” into the first sentence. Sorry.

Now here’s another sure bet.

Michelle Obama won’t explain why she thinks America’s “a downright mean country,” although that’s what most Americans want to hear her explain.

And whose fault is it that we won’t hear her talk about that?

It's Team Obama’s fault.

She was told a few months ago not to talk about "downright mean" America, but to instead go on The View and tell us why she doesn’t like stocking hose.

I’m sorry they ride up on tall women like Michelle and pinch, but who really cares?

Andrew Sullivan, Frank Rich, and Nancy Pelosi?


But most Americans aren’t interested.

I bet even Joe Biden’s not interested.

We want to know why she thinks America's “a downright mean country?”

But Michelle Obama won’t tell us that tonight.

Or anytime before the November election.

But afterwards, if her man loses?

Just you wait.