Monday, July 14, 2008

Obama delivers on change

Sen. Obama isn't just promising change.

He's already acted to seal his change promise.

Take a look here.

Then pass the syrup.

Hat tip: McClatchy Watch


Anonymous said...

Cute photo. Funny. Very good. Thank you. The cartoon on the cover of the New Yorker was also good. I don't like the Mulatto Leprechaun either.

So, when do we get to take the Mickey out of McCain? :-)

Anonymous said...

This is a goddamned RACIST blog.

What an awful comment from 12:21am.

Everybody see that?

The host of this blog should be banned from Blogger. I am going to report this racist trash.

May GOD strike you racists and put you in your backward dungeons.

zonga said...

anon 11:55 -

How unfortunate that when confronted with any comment dealing with race, it is so common for some people to perceive it as racist. People with intelligence and maturity, i.e. adults, understand the difference.

I'm getting awfully tired of people assuming any comment about race is racist. I'm not quite white myself, so I do pay attention to these things.

Methinks some people don't know what 'take the Mickey' means, . . . And others, I suppose, just want to control speech as a political given.

Anonymous said...

Jeremy Glass takes the Mickey out of John McCain.

Isn't America wonderful, on most days. . .


"Regardless of my feelings on the subject, I can certainly understand why the Obama campaign might not appreciate the recent New Yorker cover."

From the Lew Rockwell Blog today:

No one would do such a cover of McCain, playing into the most damaging rumors, but imagine this: a jaunty young John, in his pilot uniform, sitting comfortably and chatting with his Vietnamese captors. Two gorgeous gals serve his every wish. He is smoking a cigar and drinking a martini. In the next room other POWs are being intensively interrogated. Ha ha, Republicans?

"Well, Lew…that’s a good point. Taking your cue, I asked Jeremy Glass to draw a little something up, so we could all see what that would look like. Personally, I think we’ve got a masterpiece on our hands, but I’m certain McCain would disagree."