Friday, July 18, 2008

Lax suit sanctions hearing transcript and order

This posted yesterday at Duke Lawsuit:

Back on April 15, Chief Judge James A. Beaty, Jr. of the US District Court in Winston-Salem held a hearing to consider a motion for sanctions by Duke University’s and the City of Durham’s against lawyers for the 38 Duke lacrosse players for holding a news conference and maintaining this Web site about their lawsuit.

Judge Beaty denied the sanctions motion and issued an order which included guidance to both the plaintiffs’ and the defendants’ attorneys about their relations to the news media.

We are now able to post the transcript of the hearing. ...
The post continues with a reproduction of the transcript of Chief Judge Beaty's order as issued from the bench. It begins on page 47 of the transcript to which the post links.

In an email informing of the post, Robert Bork Jr, who maintains Duke Lawsuit, said:
We are now able to post the complete transcript of the sanctions hearing from April 15. We were unable to do so until now because it was the property of the court reporter until 90 days after the hearing.
A "thank you" to Bork for the explanation and for providing the hearing transcript and Judge Beaty's order.

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