Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Remember - Obama's "Bosnia Sniper" moment?

Senator Barack Obama's latest gaffe about a relative's WW II service may be no more than that.

But it got me thinking about his recent claim that a Detroit audience last year didn't applaud when he spoke out boldly in favor of tough fuel-efficiency standards.

So I'm reposting Obama's "Bosnia Sniper" moment?

Read the following and give the videos a look.

Andrew Malcolm at the LA Times' Top of the Ticket blog - - -

Is this another Bosnian sniper incident, where a Democratic candidate for president describes a scene involving some personal courage, but later videotape shows that maybe perhaps it wasn't really quite all like that exactly?

Sen. Barack Obama, the leading Democratic candidate for his party's nomination, is very fond of telling receptive audiences the story about how last May he walked right into the automotive lion's den of Detroit and told those industrialists they were going to have to shape up, change the way they do things and start making more fuel-efficient vehicles to protect our environment.

"And I have to say," the straight-talking Obama tells his chuckling followers, "that when I delivered that speech, the room got really quiet. [Laughter] Nobody clapped."

Well, in honor of Obama's return campaign visit back to Michigan this week, someone -- perhaps Republicans, perhaps someone closer to home politically -- assembled videotape of Obama's oft-told tale and spliced it side by side with videotape of that actual Detroit speech.

You'll never guess what. The room wasn't quiet at all. Obama, in fact, got a loud round of applause. And at the end of his address the camera's view of him at the podium is partially blocked because the audience of local businesspeople and automotive executives was rising to give him a standing ovation. ...

Take a look.

What do you think?

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Anonymous said...

More from See-Dubya:
I think the Obamessiah
just out Tuzla’d Hillary.

Anonymous said...

John -

Where I have heard the term meta-narrative in connection with a certain DA and certain members of the academy? Was it Duke/Durham ... ?

Jack in Silver Spring

Anonymous said...

Michelle Malkin has a whole page of Obama’s gaffes, and she has received comments from Leftists saying she is, “Disrespectful to Obama,” and, "You are an Asian Racist.”

Are these people the same ones that have been disrespectful to President Bush all these years? Surely not, that would be so typical of the uneducated, not the elitists that would rule the world.

Remember Rev. Wright calling President Bush a C- student? I wonder what he thinks of Obama saying he has [ “a uncle” ] at Auschwitz? Ivy League education on display, is it? Are you smarter than a fifth grader? Good question.

Anonymous said...

John, oddly enough, Dick Morris (of ALL people) was on O'Reilly earlier tonight and posed a frightening premise about the vast LEFT-WING conspiracy in the media. I'm going to see if there is a transcript.

Anonymous said...

John -

You may want to read Stanley Kurtz's article regarding Obama's connection to the organization known as Acorn. Apparently, Obama puts his vote where his mouth is - in extremely leftists (read Communist)causes and organizations. He'll bring change, but not quite the change some imagine.

Jack in Silver Spring