Friday, May 30, 2008

Father Pfleger's Support for Farrakhan

Ed Lasky documents it today at American Thinker. I comment below the star line.

Lasky begins - - -

When the Illinois Hate Commission was found to have on its board. a Nation of Islam member- Sister Claudette Marie Muhammed who proudly stood up for Louis Farrakhan, the notoriously anti-white and anti-Semitic Minister (or as Barack Obama refers to him using the honorific "Minister Farrkhan," a controversy erupted. She refused to denounce his racist and anti-Semitic remarks,and refused to resign.

The Board's three Jewish members resigned in protest. Father Michael Pfleger not only supported the Sister's refusal to condemn Farrakhan's racism, he said this of the resignation of the Jewish members of the board, "Good Riddance." . . .

Obama's has identified Father Pfleger as one of his three spiritual mentors.

The other two, Pastor Jeremiah Wright-much commented upon- and the Reverend James Meeks, who has his own trail of controversy (among which includes a dislike of gays) , Meeks has also been a beneficiary of campaign contributions from indicted Obama pal, Anthony Rezko. . . .

You can read all of Lasky’s excellent post here.



Senator Obama has told us that his primary qualification for the presidency is his judgment.

What comes to your mind when you think of Obama’s judgment?

I think Wright, Farrakhan, Meeks, Pfleger, Rezko, negotiations with no preconditions (and with terrorists no less), “bitter people” clinging to guns and religion, a “typical white person,” “lay off my wife,” Bush was talking about ME in his Knesset speech, and a mean attack on Geraldine Ferraro who only stated the obvious.

What about his still living white Grandmother who raised him? He threw her under the bus when it served his political interests.

All that and we’re only just beginning to learn about the "post racial" Obama.

If you haven’t seen Rev. Meeks in action, check out the You Tube video in this post.

And be sure to visit Lasky’s post and American Thinker.


Anonymous said...

I once thought that Obama as President and Commander in Chief would simply be unfortunate. Now, however, I believe it would be truly frightening. I now know that I must get out of my chair, open my checkbook and actively support Mr. McCain. The issues that will confront the next President require much better "judgement" than I have seen demonstrated by Obama. I have no confidence in his ability to navigate America through the domestic and international challenges that will present themselves. In addition, the President selects the Supreme Court Justices that serve for LIFE. Something HUGE to think about. Based on his statements, he would choose justices inclined to legislate from the bench, as opposed to Mr. McCain's priorities of justices who would simply interpret the Constitution. Steve in New Mexico

Anonymous said...

"Minister" Farrakhan? My, My, My.

Anonymous said...

John: To understand the Mr. Obama/Wright/Pfleger/Meeks brouhaha, you must understand Chicago, especially Southside Chicago. I don't know about today, but when I was in Chicago (1968-74) one of the largest Communist Parties in the nation was there. It infiltrated all the anti-war groups except for the Socialist Workers' Party groups, which were all Trotskyite. The Veterans for Peace in Vietnam was headed by a long-time CP member, Leroy Wolins who was ably assisted by Sholem Lebowitz another CP member. The Chicago Peace Council was run by Sylvia Kushner, CP member, many of the churches and synagogues were run by "useful idiot" ministers and rabbis just like Wright and Pfleger. The radical community there fits in well with the type of vicious racism spouted by Wright, Pfleger and Meeks. Anyone who is around any of these jerks for even five minutes cannot help but hear and be exposed to their racist, America-hating philosophies. Mr. Obama's Chicago homie status, therefore, is sufficient reason to utterly reject his bid to become our president. He is literally a wolf in sheep's clothing judging by the quality of his associates and his moral teachers.
Tarheel Hawkeye

Anonymous said...

Somebody said it on the news and it's true.
Pfleger is like rapper Eminem.
He tries so hard to be black and talk like the "hood".
Like Jeremiah Wright, it's all a show. Both make lots of money from Chicago's black taxpayers.
What he said about Hillary is true. He just should not have said it the way he did.
I never believed her tears were for anything but for herself and her floundering campaign.