Monday, May 26, 2008

Great news: Butler’s back; Rickards joins her

There’s great news today for people who appreciate outstanding journalism. And if they also love Duke, the news gets better.

In today’s Chronicle the tag of a column - "Memorial Day Outing" – tells us:

Kristin Butler Trinity '08 will attend Ohio State Law School. Ed Rickards Trinity '63 and Law '66, is a former editor of The Chronicle and lives in New York City. They will collaborate on a weekly column starting in August.
JinC Regulars know Butler and Rickards are literate, fact-driven and sharp-thinking “tell it as it is” writers who care deeply about Duke.

Both were early, constructive critics of the university’s shameful “throw them under the bus” response to Crystal Mangum’s and Mike Nifong’s lies and the agitation of Duke faculty members who embraced those lies.

Butler and Rickards are willing to do what most in the Duke community are unwilling to do: speak publicly about university policies, actions and failures to act which stain Duke.

In their column this Memorial Day, they remember those with Duke connections who’ve served or are serving in our military; and call our attention to Duke’s shocking failure to appropriately honor them.

Take a look at "Memorial Day Outing"

Afterwards, as one of your acts of appreciation today for our military, I hope you’ll send an email to President Brodhead urging him to act so that Duke properly honors our military, especially those connected to the university.

Brodhead’s email address –


Anonymous said...

While I am very glad these two are continuing to write for the Chronicle, I am a bit surprised it is being allowed. Perhaps there is some remaining independence at the Chronicle?

Anonymous said...

I am guessing we can in part, thank the Duke alumni for this good news. A good many took the time to register their comments about seeking a more politically balanced future for Duke. Everyone being on the same page is not always a good thing.