Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Jason Trumpbour bio information

Law Prof on Duke’s Motion contains University of Maryland Law Professor Jason Trumpbour’s explanation and assessment of a motion recently filed in federal court by attorneys acting on behalf of Duke’s President Richard (“We had no way of knowing.” ) Brodhead and other Duke defendants in a civil rights violation suit brought by 38 members of Duke’s 2006 Men’s lacrosse team and some of their family members.

Trumpbour also serves as spokesperson for Friends of Duke University, a volunteer organization formed to seek justice for the Duke students who were the targets of a frame-up attempt and to encourage Duke to be part of the justice-seeking process.

While I’ve mentioned Trumpbour here often, it occurred to me today I’ve not provided you with much information about him. So from the University of Maryland’s Law School’s Web site this:

Jason Trumpbour,
Adjunct Professor of Law

Courses: Lawyers and Legal Systems and Their Social Context;

A.B., 1988, A.M., 1991, J.D., 1991, Duke University; Ph.D., 1996, Cambridge University.

Following law school, Professor Trumpbour completed a Ph.D. in law at Cambridge University, studying the development of the Court of Exchequer in the Fourteenth Century.

After a brief stint in private practice, working mainly in the areas of corporate and real estate law, he joined the Maryland Attorney General's Office where he served in the Criminal Appeals Division from 1998 to 2001.

Professor Trumpbour is currently pursuing research interests in criminal law and legal history, including additional work on Fourteenth Century law. He has taught LAWR II, LAWR III, and currently teaches Lawyers and Legal Systems in Perspective.

He also teaches several courses in the Legal and Ethical Studies graduate program at the University of Baltimore.
Quite impressive, isn’t it?

Why didn't President Brodhead listen to Trumpbour in July 2006 when he urged Brodhead to speak out for justice and do other things Duke could and should have done?

IMO - By July Brodhead was too deeply involved in the cover-up of the frame-up attempt, if not in the attempt itself.


Anonymous said...


Many thanks for this post.

Jason Trumpbour's contributions to the lacrosse affair have been significant and I am sure much appreciated. Mr. Trumpbour continues to be a voice of reason in this fairly messy saga.

Anonymous said...

brodhead didn't take advantage of anyones interest in this case because it would show his weakness and liberal prestigious university presidents don't take advice from anyone. Besides they always think they are right. JT wanted to help because he believed his alma mater's students were getting a bad wrap from the way the LAX case was being handled by the administration. JT wanted fairness for the students as well as caring enough to maintain intact Duke;s reputation. In other words he cared.

brodhead cared in a different way. He may have felt that if Duke's reputation was marred then he would not be able to raise the kind of money he promised steel and the BOT. I am sure that brodheads only job at Duke was to raise money to become competitive with the ivy;s So he tried at any cost to separate Duke from the LAX hoax.

he failed...duke loses...JT did his best

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