Friday, March 07, 2008

Bloomberg finds “Archie Bunker” voters

Under the headline:

Obama momentum slowed by 'Archie Bunker' voters
Bloomberg reporter Heidi Przybyla tells us [excerpts]:
Barack Obama is having trouble with Archie Bunker.

The white, blue-collar voters personified by the 1970s fictional television character cost Obama this week. His Democratic presidential rival, Senator Hillary Clinton of New York, beat him 54 percent to 44 percent in industrial Ohio, and 58 percent to 40 percent in predominantly white Rhode Island.

In Ohio's 10th district of Cuyahoga County, a suburban enclave on Cleveland's west side that includes a large population of Polish-Americans, Clinton trounced Obama 61 percent to 37 percent, according to exit polls.

In the state's Belmont County, an economically depressed Appalachian border area that is predominantly white, she had a 50-point lead over Obama, the first black candidate to have a shot at the White House.

``Race played a significant factor in Ohio,'' said Cuyahoga County Commissioner Timothy Hagan, who supported Obama. The state's white voters aren't ``bigots, but the image they see every day of black America is drugs, crime, guns and violence.'' …
How nice of Commissioner Hagan to take time from his busy schedule to assure us white’s voting 60 to 75% for Sen. Clinton aren’t “bigots.”

I wish the story had reported whether Hagan said anything about blacks who voted for Sen. Obama in many wards by more than 90%.

Does Hagan feel any need to assure us they’re not bigots? (I don’t think most of them are, just as I don’t think most whites who voted for Clinton are bigots. - JinC)

Further along we read:
``I can't support him,'' said Richard Dorsch, a 53-year-old paramedic fire chief from Chicago's Edison Park. Dorsch, who said his kids liken him to Archie Bunker, voted for Clinton in the primary, though he plans to support Republican Senator John McCain of Arizona if Obama wins the nomination.

``When he talks to you, it's like he's talking down to you,'' Dorsch said. ``He doesn't have the experience to talk like that.''

Dorsch's 41st Ward, which gave Clinton, 60, a six- percentage-point advantage, is 90 percent white, dominated by German, Polish and Irish ethnic police officers, teachers and city workers. …
It’s all so neat, isn’t it?

A guy whose kids call him Archie Bunker living in just the type of neighborhood Archie lived in.

We know what we’re supposed to think of Dorsch and his neighbors, don’t we?

I noticed Bloomberg says Dorsch’s 41st Ward which “gave Clinton, 60, a six- percentage-point advantage, is 90 percent white.”

A six-percentage-point advantage for Clinton?

In a two-person race that would be something like 53-47.

I wonder if there was a single ward in all of Ohio that’s 90% black and gave Clinton even 25% of the ward’s vote.

The entire Bloomberg story is here.


Anonymous said...

I'm starting to experience schadenfreude watching the Democrats reap the whirlwind of their race/gender polarization policies. Votes for Obama are sexist/racist while votes for Rodham are racist/sexist. I love it!!!
Tarheel Hawkeye
Incidently, if the MSM refer to Rodham as "Hillary" why don't they call Obama "Barack" and McCain "John?"