Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Final Tx., Ohio poll results

RCP final polling averages have Sen. Hillary Clinton up over Sen. Obama 7.1% in Ohio and 1.7% in Texas.

Be sure to take a look at the tracking lines below that stat tables.

They indicate significant late voter movement going Clinton’s way.


Anonymous said...

John, this is what I don't understand. The pundits on TV are constantly pointing out "how strange and unusual it is that so many dumb Americans are questioning the religion of Barack Obama." I simply cannot get over how dumb these pundits are. How come they don't ask Obama what his father's religion was and at what age did he become a Christian himself? It is as simple as that. Then, these pundits may realize that the citizens asking this question are not dumb at all. There are very valid reasons for this question – for those who have curious minds.

I am of the opinion that being Moslem is perfectly okay (or one’s parent’s being a Moslem as the case appears to be for Obama). What is very wrong is for a man in Obama’s position and situation to be hiding the circumstances of his religion. This attitude is not becoming to Barack Obama. He should come out and own up to the fact that 1) his father was a Moslem 2) he was named after the grandson (or maybe nephew?) of Prophet Mohammed (Hussein) and 3) when he was getting married to his wife Michelle he decided to become a Christian so he could get married in a Church. Now, is this so difficult to do? And, how difficult is it for the media pundits to ask these simple questions and demand some real answers? If there was, this entire issue could be cleared up in less than two minutes.