Monday, March 03, 2008

Hillary's Rezko questions for Obama

Byron York at NRO posts what he calls the"latest from the Clinton campaign:" a set of questions Senator Clinton's campaign wants news organizations to ask Senator Obama about his relationship with Tony Rezko. Take a look. I come back below the star line.

To: Interested Parties
From: Clinton Campaign
Date: Monday, March 03, 2008
Regarding: Questions Sen. Obama Should Answer About Tony Rezko

The trail [sic] of indicted influence peddler Tony Rezko – longtime friend and political patron of Sen. Barack Obama — starts today . Sen. Obama's name has already surfaced in pre-trial documents submitted by the prosecution and, according to media reports, is likely to surface again as the trial progresses. Democrats deserve the answers to these questions as they consider their votes:

1. Will Sen. Obama release all documents related to his relationship with Tony Rezko, including all documents related to his controversial land transaction?

2. When, specifically, did Sen. Obama become aware of Mr. Rezko's legal problems?

3. Sen. Obama has returned money from several individuals who are publicly associated with Mr. Rezko. How much money did Mr. Rezko bundle for Sen. Obama's campaigns in total, including people who are not business associates of Mr. Rezko? How many fundraisers did Mr. Rezko hold for Sen. Obama? Has there been an internal investigation to determine how many straw donors Mr. Rezko used to funnel money to Sen. Obama?

4. Much of the upcoming trail involves Mr. Rezko's efforts to control state boards as a means to defraud the state government. Have Sen. Obama and Mr. Rezko ever communicated about potential appointments to Illinois boards and commissions? It's been publicly reported that Sen. Obama lobbied these same state boards to secure contracts for campaign donors. Did Sen. Obama ever confer with Mr. Rezko concerning how to successfully lobby state boards?

5. The New York Times reported that Sen. Obama attended a business meeting on behalf of Mr. Rezko to impress potential investors for his business schemes. How many events did Sen. Obama attend on behalf of Mr. Rezko to impress investors? What was his role? Why did Sen. Obama agree to attend?

6. How many times did Senator Obama visit Tony Rezko's house? What was the purpose of these visits?

7. Did Sen. Obama intercede on behalf of Mr. Rezko in any governmental capacity?


So Hillary Clinton's campaign has to urge MSM news organizations to ask those questions of Obama.

That being the case, does anyone doubt MSM has been giving Obama "friendly" treatment?

Or is "very friendly" more like it?

York adds a comment. Take a look at it here.

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Anonymous said...

Watching the university crowd both in Ohio and in Texas gives me reason to be depressed over our nation's future. I see these barely literate twits oohing and aaahing over the likes of Barack Obama as though he were the second coming. This is a generation that immediately flocks to the current fad--whether music, Game Boy, or MTV program--without one iota of discrimination or critical thinking. What does Obama stand for except "change?" What is in his background that qualifies him to be president? Do any of his supporters understand our system to the extent that the president wields precious little power in our government? Change, if any, will depend on the makeup of the congress.
And to suppose that being First Lady for eight years is qualification for the office is likewise evidence of failure to pay attention. Can one imagine Laura Bush laying claim to the presidency based on being a White House resident for two terms?
To think that these shallow, one-dimensional children may hold the fate of our nation in their little hands just plain scares the bejeezus out of me! Whoever gave voting rights to 18-year-olds should suffer in the deepest pit of Dante's Inferno.
Tarheel Hawkeye

benny said...


"That being the case, does anyone doubt MSM has been giving Obama "friendly" treatment?"

Agreed. However, I sense that things are about to change.


Anonymous said...


"That being the case, does anyone doubt MSM has been giving Obama "friendly" treatment?"

Agreed. However, I sense that things are about to change.