Saturday, February 16, 2008

Pelosi’s Latest

If the Democrats gained control of the U. S. House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi promised that as House Speaker she’d end divisive partisanship there.

The Dem-dominated MSM played along. When Pelosi was installed as Speaker, MSM flacks claimed Americans were taking Pelosi “to their hearts.” I lost count of all the MSM stories about the “smart, warm, attractive grandmother.”

The reality today?

Congress’ approval rating is somewhere around 20%. The House remains bitterly divided. Pelosi's acted as a fierce partisan, even allowing her partisanship to get in the way of American foreign policy and military interests.

Remember her trip to Syria which the State Department didn’t want her to make?

How about the Armenian genocide resolution?

Pelosi opposed bringing it to a vote when President Clinton was in office, but at a very delicate time in our relations with Turkey, the Speaker announced she’d bring it to the House floor, even as she was warned doing so would damage our relations with a critical ally and add to the dangers our troops already faced in Iraq.

Now some of Pelosi’s latest from a Bloomberg News interview:

Delegates from the disputed Florida and Michigan primaries shouldn't decide who wins the party's presidential nomination, said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the chair of the Democratic National Convention.

``I don't think that any states that operated outside the rules of the party can be dispositive of who the nominee is,'' Pelosi said in an interview on Bloomberg Television's ``Political Capital with Al Hunt,'' scheduled to be aired today.

Pelosi's stand is a setback for Hillary Clinton, who won those states' uncontested primary elections after the party stripped the states of their delegates. Clinton is pushing to allow the delegates to vote at the Democratic convention in Denver, Colorado, on Aug. 25-28.

Democrats in Florida and Michigan have been told that the delegates can't participate in the nomination process because they held their primaries before the sanctioned date of Feb. 5. Both states are pushing to reverse that decision. ...
Millions voted in the two states, and it wasn’t so long ago that Pelosi and other Dems were telling us “every vote should count.”

Pelosi and her fellow Dems didn’t add: “except the ones we don’t want to count.” But I knew at the time that’s what they meant. How about you?

The whole Dem mess over whether the Florida and Michigan delegations should be seated and allowed to vote; or whether new primary elections should be held in the two states, has people taking different positions.

But there’s one thing we should all be able to agree on: the Dems, on their own, created this mess. Even Pelosi hasn’t tried to blame it on “the vast right-wing conspiracy.”

I read further along in the Bloomberg story and came to this:
``It's clear we're going to need a Democratic president in order to bring the stability to the Middle East that is necessary, and that must begin with the redeployment of our troops in a responsible, honorable and safe way for our troops out of Iraq,'' Pelosi said.
Yes, the Dems might mess up their own presidential nominating process, but they’re the party that will bring “stability to the Middle East.”

You have Speaker Pelosi’s word on that.

The entire story is here.