Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Duke's sex show: William & Mary just said "No"

Duke University recently hosted something called Sex Workers' Art Show which included a dominatrix with a large strap-on dildo she stroked while the mostly student audience was instructed to shout "faster, faster" in Chinese and she whipped a "slave" kneeling beside her. (No, folks, I don't know why Chinese was used.)

The Duke sex show also included an anal "sparkler" act and much more.

A Duke spokesperson declared the show promoted a "healthy lifestyle."

You can read more about the sex show and Duke's support of it in Duke's "healthy lifestyle" hypocrisy.

Now this from Michelle Malkin's blog: here:

The head of the College of William and Mary, Gene Nichol, has resigned in disgrace. Several readers send along his resignation letter.

You’ll recall that he roiled the campus with his decision to hide the cross at the famous school chapel to make it “less faith-specific.” More recently, he hosted a sex workers show on campus while restricting critics who wanted to tape it….
In Nichol’s own words:
I was informed by the Rector on Sunday, after our Charter Day celebrations, that my contract will not be renewed in July. Appropriately, serving the College in the wake of such a decision is beyond my imagining. Accordingly, I have advised the Rector, and announce today, effective immediately, my resignation as president of the College of William & Mary. I return to the faculty of the school of law to resume teaching and writing….
The liberal/leftist Raleigh News & Observer plays the story with Nichol as a martyr for freedom and ends with a plug for his return to UNC-Chapel Hill as Chancellor. The N&O's "news report" begins:
Former UNC-Chapel Hill law dean Gene Nichol, a forceful liberal voice and an occasional lightning rod, resigned abruptly today as president of the College of William & Mary in Virginia.

In a letter to William & Mary supporters, Nichol said he was informed Sunday by college leaders that his contract would not be renewed in July. He then decided to step down immediately, and, in a parting shot, said he refused an offer of "substantial economic incentives" to remain quiet about the reasons for his departure.

He said he made four decisions that stirred a furor at the public college in Williamsburg. One involved moving a cross in a historic chapel used regularly for secular college events, citing principles of separation of church and state. Nichol never recovered fully from the cross controversy.

He also refused to ban controversial speakers and performances from campus on two occasions. And he worked to diversify the campus through a new scholarship aimed at poor students.

"As the result of these decisions, the last sixteen months have been challenging ones for me and my family," he wrote in a letter. "A committed, relentless, frequently untruthful and vicious campaign -- on the internet and in the press -- has been waged against me, my wife and my daughters. It has been joined, occasionally, by members of the Virginia House of Delegates -- including last week's steps by the Privileges and Elections Committee to effectively threaten Board appointees if I were not fired over decisions concerning the Wren Cross and the Sex Workers Art Show. That campaign has now been rendered successful. And those same voices will no doubt claim victory today."

The Sex Workers Art Show is the traveling show that stirred criticism when it came to Duke University recently.

Nichol said he would return to the faculty of William & Mary's law school. ...

Nichol was dean of UNC's law school from 1999 to 2005. In 2000, he was a finalist for the chancellor's position that eventually went to James Moeser. UNC-CH now has a search committee looking for a replacement for Moeser, who will retire this year.
The entire N&O story is here.

You'll note the story doesn't quote anyone on the William & Mary board which decided not renew Nichol's contract as president.

Nor does the N&O quote any of Nichol's legion of critics.

The N&O's story - Jane Stancill's byline - doesn't even say an attempt was made to reach anyone but Nichol.

The N&O's story reads as if the N&O worked for Nichol and prepared a press release at his direction.

For its part, the N&O tells readers its reporting is "fair and accurate."

Hat tips to:

Mike Williams
A friend from up North
A W&M alum.


Locomotive Breath said...

I wasn't there but I'm given to understand the woman was Chinese and hence the shouting "faster" in Chinese.

Anonymous said...

…according to a press release sent on behalf of Virginia Delegate Bob Marshall, the decision not to renew Nichol's contract as president of William & Mary was based off of a discovery that Nichol had allegedly withheld information regarding a withdrawn $12 million dollar donor pledge by James McGlothlin, despite Marshall's Freedom of Information Act request.

According to a letter that Marshall sent to Michael Powell, the Rector of The College of William & Mary, and the Board of Visitors yesterday, Marshall made the FOIA request on March 22, 2007, asking for any information about alumni suspending or withdrawing financial pledges to William & Mary. He claims that he was given information in response to his request, but nothing about the retracted donation in question.

Marshall claims in the letter that during a lunch with Nichol in early 2007, Nichol denied knowing anything about McGlothlin's withdrawn pledge until late Feb. 2007.

However, in his letter addressed to Powell, Marshall claims knowledge of an e-mail that "clearly shows that former President Nichol knew that this pledge was being withdrawn in December 2006."

The e-mail from Dec. 2006 was unavailable.

In response to what he believes was the intentional withholding of information by Nichol, Marshall requested a copy of Nichol's contract from Powell to review.

He stated in his letter to Powell, "I would suggest that this intentional and calculated misrepresentation of the truth constitutes failure of duty and gross malfeasance in office which are grounds for his complete termination from The College of William & Mary."


Anonymous said...

I give thanks for the bloggers. John, keep writing.