Sunday, February 10, 2008

Defamation discussion at Liestoppers Forum

A group at Liestoppers Forum has picked up on my recent post: Raleigh N&O, Duke Lacrosse & Defamation (Post 2).

Without getting into any “I agree/disagee,” and with the usual cautions always in mind, I encourage those of you interested in Raleigh N&O, Duke Lacrosse & Defamation (Post 2) to take a look here at LS’s forum.

I’ll also repeat what I said a few weeks ago: there are many folks at LS Forum doing excellent work exploring and reporting on issues related to both the attempted frame-up and the ongoing cover-up of same. The conversations which grow from the reporting are almost always illuminating in whole or part.

The daily LS Fourum Blog and Media Roundup is a must read for anyone following the case