Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Danish paper reprints Muhammad cartoon following death plot

The University of Pittsburgh's School of Law Web site JURIST is reporting:

Danish newspaper Jyllands-Poste [media website] reprinted a cartoon [image] Wednesday drawn by Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard one day after Danish police arrested three people [JURIST report] suspected in a plot to murder Westergaard for his characterization of Muhammad.

Westergaard was one of 12 cartoonists who published cartoons [Le Monde slideshow] of the Muslim prophet Muhammad in 2005 that sparked widespread protests across the Islamic world. Several other Danish newspapers also reprinted Westergaard's depiction Wednesday, accompanied by statements defending freedom of speech and the public's right to see the cause of the backlash.
A big hat tip goes to Jyllands-Poste for its good sense and courage.

We've already lost a lot of our free press in the West because so many MSM news organizations are intimidated by Muslims who react violently whenever they feel offended.

As a small act of solidarity with Westergaard, Jyllands-Poste and a free press, I plan to get a copy of one of the cartoons and publish it here at JinC.

It will take a day or two because I'm a tech dummy and my tech helper won't be here until tomorrow.

But it will get done.

Now, if we could only think of a way to get the NY Times, WaPo, the Raleigh N&O and the rest to do the same.

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