Monday, January 21, 2008

Obama talks about Bill Clinton's "habit"

Which habit is that, you ask?

From ABC News:

In an exclusive interview with…"Good Morning America" today [Sen. Barak] Obama, D-Ill., directly engaged the former democratic president on a series of issues.

"You know the former president, who I think all of us have a lot of regard for, has taken his advocacy on behalf of his wife to a level that I think is pretty troubling," Obama said during his first morning television interview since coming in second in Nevada. "He continues to make statements that are not supported by the facts -- whether it's about my record of opposition to the war in Iraq or our approach to organizing in Las Vegas.

"This has become a habit, and one of the things that we're going to have to do is to directly confront Bill Clinton when he's making statements that are not factually accurate," Obama added. . . .
The entire ABC story is here.

At Captain's Quarters Ed Morrissey reacts:
Wow! Who'd have thought that Bill Clinton doesn't tell the truth?

Only all of the Republicans and at least a few Democrats who retained consciousness throughout the eight years of his presidency. He has demonstrated many things over the last sixteen years, but candor and honesty are not traits that come to mind.

Ed's post, Obama: Bill Clinton Lies, is here.

A few comments:

As many Dems try to cool things between the Clintons and Obama, he makes remarks he knows will keep things hot.

Is Obama's internal polling telling him that, at least as far as Saturday's South Carolina primary goes, the war of words betweem him and the Clintons is playing to his advantage?

Obama said we all have a lot of "regard" for the former president. He didn't say "respect."

Does that mean anything?

I don't know. But I'm sure the hypersensitive, egocentric Bill Clinton will wonder about it.

Maybe Obama knew that.


Ralph Phelan said...

What they've decided to "cool" is the hints and accusations of racial politics, because the "winner" of that kind of fight would be unelectable in Novermber.

Now they're back to lying about each others' records and then calling each other liars - in other words, normal politics.