Tuesday, January 22, 2008

But what about the Dems winning?

Here’s a post from Instapundit with my comments below the star line.


Pity the U.S. presidential candidates. They had their positions on Iraq all worked out by last summer and have repeated them consistently ever since. But events on the ground have changed dramatically, and their rhetoric feels increasingly stale. They're fighting the Iraq War all right, but it's the wrong one.

The Democrats are having the hardest time with the new reality. Every candidate is committed to "ending the war" and bringing our troops back home. The trouble is, the war has largely ended, and precisely because our troops are in the middle of it.

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UPDATE: More thoughts from IraqPundit.

"It would make a lot more sense if the candidates, especially among the Democrats, would talk about what they would do in the current circumstances, rather than bicker among themselves over past votes on war funding, while urging withdrawal from the Iraq of 2006."
Folks, we know it would make a lot more sense.

But it wouldn't help the Dems' chances of winning the '08 presidential election.

And how would it help them retain control of Congress?

This American's very glad to see what's undoubtedly progress in Iraq.

But I'm not forgetting that even as we made tremendous progress during WW II, our enemies were still capable of inflicting massive casualties on us and our allies.

Estimated American casualties during the Battle of the Bulge: 80,000 killed, wounded, taken prisoner or missing.

We need to remember Churchill's admonition: "In war: resolution."

What the Dems offer is: "In war: a speedy withdrawal."

I don't doubt that had the Dems of today and their MSM flacks been around during the winter of 1944/45, and the political winds had been right, they would've memed: "Bring our troops home."

John Edwards might even have added that he was lied to regarding pre-war intelligence.

Closing thoughts:

We're in a global war on terrorism we didn't choose.

It's a shame so many Dems have positioned themselves such that if America does well in Iraq, they lose.

That tells us a lot about them.

And that was their choice.

I'm not a Republican, but I'm rooting for out success in Iraq and everywhere else we're fighting terrorists.