Saturday, November 03, 2007

Coverage of Taylor’s Duke Talk

Under the headline:

Author: Lacrosse case will 'get uglier'
and the subhead:
Picture of political correctness, mob mentality unfolding
we read in today’s Durham Herald Sun:
Political correctness was to blame.

That was the message delivered Friday night by Stuart Taylor, co-author of a recent book on the Duke lacrosse case.

"It's spreading like cancer," he said, referring to the PC movement.

Taylor, who co-authored "Until Proven Innocent: Political Correctness and the Shameful Injustices of the Duke Lacrosse Rape Case" with K.C. Johnson, a New York City-based history professor and author of the Durham-In-Wonderland Web log, was invited to speak by the student group Duke Students for an Ethical Duke.

In a Levine Science Research Center auditorium, readers of his book and followers of the lacrosse case hung on the author's every word.

And he detailed his involvement in the case from start to finish.
The rest of the H-S’s story (Monica Chen bylined) is here.

At this Liestoppers Forum thread there is more reporting as well as commentary on Taylor’s talk.

Scroll down to Locomotive Breath’s comment. (11/2 @ 9:35 PM. It’s about the 12th comment down)

LB begins:
ST remarked that he had intended to give a recap of events but after the number of previously read books he'd autographed, many of them earlier autographed by KC, he decided to give a personal story of how he got involved rather than try to recount the facts of the case.

Here's one interesting thing. He said that at a fairly early stage he'd talked to someone in the upper Duke administration who was 85% certain the charges were bogus.

During the question period he was asked who it was. He would not say other than to remark that it was someone who was behaving in public in agreement with the Duke administration position.
There’s more to his comment.

See also a comment by Righteous Thug (11/3 @ 7:49 AM) which is a paste-in of comments Debrah made at Durham-in-Wonderland.

I was there for Taylor’s talk. Chen’s H-S story is a good account.

LB and Debrah via RT “add to the story” and, in the case of Debrah, not just with reportage of the talk. She also reports/comments on an informal discussion she and others had with Taylor prior to his talk.

Raleigh News & Observer reporter Anne Blythe, who with Samiha Khanna reported the N&O’s fraudulent March 25 story about “an ordeal” which ended in “sexual violence,” was also at the talk but left about 10 minutes into it.

There’s no account of the talk in today’s N&O. I’ll look for one tomorrow and post on what I find.

Hat tips to the professional and citizen journalists.

And something else: Taylor’s prediction that the case will “get uglier” is, IMO, on the money. I feel sure it will also get more “Dukier.”

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know why Blythe left after 10 minutes?

Anonymous said...


What's at stake in Durham is a legal/political money machine that also reliably delivers 50K votes. Anyone who benefits from these votes isn't interested in seeing the system dismantled.

Walter Abbott

Jim in San Diego said...

One reason the case is likely to get uglier, Dukier, and more interesting, is that Brodhead and other administration leaders may well be deposed in one or or both of the civil cases (Pressler/Duke, or Players/Durham).

They will then have to answer, under oath, questions bloggers have been asking for more than a year.

Like, why did you intentionally break the law and give your students' confidential information to Nifong without a subpoena?

Why did you promote the AAS to full department status just as the full realization of their dangerous and irresponsible behavior became known?

Whatwas your role in awarding Nartney for his behavior?

Why did you refuse to meet with the parents of the students? Were you afraid you would be educated to the truth? Were you afraid you would be crucified by the G88?

Why did you leave your backbone in the office when you made your public statements on the case?

Lots more like these

Locomotive Breath said...

MG who was also there chimes in

Anonymous said...

Talking about the case getting uglier..has anyone heard any more about the "discussions" between Duke and the unindicted players?