Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Sharpton’s Latest (Post 1)

From the AP a few hours ago:

Vice President Dick Cheney spent about eight hours hunting Monday at a secluded Hudson Valley gun club where well-heeled enthusiasts shoot ducks and pheasants.

Vice President Dick Cheney, an avid hunter, spent most of Monday at a New York gun club. The trip became controversial after a photographer snapped a photo of a small Confederate flag hanging in a garage at the club.

It was Cheney's second visit to Clove Valley Rod & Gun Club in Dutchess County, about 70 miles north of New York City. The previous trip was in fall 2001.

Although a heavy police presence kept the media and curious local residents at a distance, Cheney's visit did stir up a bit of controversy when a New York Daily News photographer snapped a picture of a small Confederate flag hanging inside a garage on the hunt club property.

The photo was shown to New York City civil rights activist, the Rev. Al Sharpton, who issued a statement demanding that the vice president "leave immediately, denounce the club and apologize for going to a club that represents lynching, hate and murder to black people."

Sharpton's statement was issued hours after Cheney departed the club at 3:45 p.m. for a flight out of the Stewart Air National Guard Base. In a statement issued Monday evening, Cheney spokeswoman Megan Mitchell said neither Cheney nor anyone on his staff saw such a flag at the hunt club.

It's not clear whether the door of the garage that contained the flag was even open at the time the vice president was in the area.
There’s more. You can read it here.


I’ll wait until this evening before I make any detailed comments.

I’d like to hear first what Tawana Brawley, Jesse Jackson, Nancy Pelosi, and Pete Stark have to say.


Anonymous said...


"Tawana Brawley, Jesse Jackson, Nancy Pelosi, and Pete Stark have to say."

Tomorrow is Halloween. The creatures who roam the night will be out in force.


Anonymous said...

Sharpton needs to get another life. People are free to fly the Confederate Flag if they want to. For him it represents bad things. I understand. But I also understand that people just can't go around this world trying to rip down every symbol they don't like. It's not a crime to fly the Confederate flag. For some people it represents a life that was/ is special, but NOT necessarily bigoted.

These people demand THEIR rights, but absolutely refuse to respect the rights of OTHERS.

Get a life, Sharpton. What somebody has flying from their PRIVATE property is NONE of your business!!!

It is a crime to hurt your person. It is NOT a crime to hurt your feelings.

If it were, YOU would be in jail for hurting a LOT of people's feelings.

Grow up.

lb said...

Sharpton always seems to ignor the fact that the American flag was also part of black lynchings, church burnings and otherwise prejudice against blacks. Just check out the draft riots in NYC during the civil war era. Of course, AL baby, just keeps on ignoring reality about what symbols should represent what is right. Maybe he ignors this because these people were poor democrats who did not want to fight for anyone.

check out


On Sunday, June 12, the names of the draftees drawn the day before by the Provost Marshall were published in newspapers. Within hours, groups of irate citizens, many of them Irish immigrants, banded together across the city. Eventually numbering some 50,000 people, the mob terrorized neighborhoods on the East Side of New York for three days looting scores of stores. Blacks were the targets of most attacks on citizens; several lynchings and beatings occurred. In addition, a black church and orphanage were burned to the ground.

Anonymous said...

John: "I’d like to hear first what Tawana Brawley, Jesse Jackson, Nancy Pelosi, and Pete Stark have to say."

I'll be waiting to hear what Crystal Gail Mangum has to say.

Anonymous said...

Al Sharpton needs to get a life out of the public eye, and the media need to find a more respected statesman to represent the oppressed.