Sunday, October 28, 2007

Our Great Service Academies

Readers Note: I've been researching regarding Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez's speech in which he excoriatied journalists and news organizations for reporting from Iraq with such bitter partisanship and gross bias that they're costing the lives of American servicemen and women.

I've found so much that supports what Sanchez said that it angers me.

As a way of cooling down, I took a look at this simple tribute post I first put up in May 2005.

I was glad to see it and use the links to make virtual visits to our service academies.

What an uplifting change from spending time with MSM.

Make a few visits yourself. You'll know what I mean if you don't already.



If you saw any part of today's graduation ceremony at the Naval Academy at Annapolis, including President Bush's graduation address, you may have noticed some of the graduates wore white jackets while others wore blue.

Navy and Marine Corps buffs know those in white will serve as Navy officers; those in blue as Marine Corps officers.

The graduation was an inspiring reminder of how fortunate we are to have Annapolis and three other great service academies which train leaders to defend America and the civilized world.

Here are links to the four service academies' websites.

Air Force


Coast Guard


God bless them all.


Joan Foster said...

Thanks for this Post, John. I'm proud to be the wife of a man who graduated from West Point but also personifies the code of duty, honor, country every day of his life.

Anonymous said...

You left out the United States Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point, NY.

Both Hillary Rodham Clinto and the current President Bush have given Graduation Addresses there.

KP '54

Anonymous said...

I have a son who went to Annapolis in the 90s. I used to love to visit that campus. Everywhere you look you saw young clean cut kids, in great shape, pushing themselves physically, mentally and in every other way. The beautiful water lapping up to the campus, the finely manicured grounds - it was always a thrill to go there, and you left filling positive about America.

Anonymous said...

One of the best speeches about the Service Academies was Lt.Greenwald's at the end of the "Caine Mutiny".He toasted Capt Queeg,leading to a snicker from the assembled officers of the Caine.
He continued,"Yes,Queeg,poor sad gut.And all the rest of them and they're not so sad.Lot better than we are ,though not so well up on Proust an Finnegan's Wake and such."....'"Because it's folk like Queeg who kept Goering from washing his behind with my mother."
Joan should be proud and we should be thankful for those who have protected us.