Sunday, October 28, 2007

Favorite Duke Hoax Video

Since yesterday afternoon I've look three times at what's now my favorite Duke Hoax. The background music is Locomotive Breath and the citizen journalist named Locomotive Breath is the video's creator.

The video is like a large, multi-stage rocket that begins slowly, then picks up speed and keeps accelerating.

Give it a look. I'd love to hear what you think.

Video may take a few seconds to load.

Above here is the video. There’s nothing after this.


Anonymous said...

I've seen Locomotive Breath's comments on many sites, now I understand the name. So many appropriate lines in the song from "In the shuffling madness" to "The train won't stop going, No way to slow down." I'm sure that's exactly how the hoax felt for more than a year. What amazes me is the rhytmn of the pictures, in perfect sync with the song. Gotta love looking at Nifong's face accompanied by the words, "the all-tme loser."

Insufficiently Sensitive said...

I'd say that Locomotive Breath's research and written comments on the case do a far better job of explaining to the general public the grim details of the Duke hoax.

The video is witty, but would make very little sense to those not having closely followed the case.

Debrah said...

This is stellar.


Thanks for posting this.

mb said...


Anonymous said...

Locomotive Breath's video is great!


mac said...

I keep watching it...over and over and over. It's spellbinding. (I like the LP, anyway - always have.)

Phenominal work, Locomotive Breath!