Sunday, October 07, 2007

Suit filing as Word.doc

Folks, the following my be of interest and help to you. It’s the intro to a post to which I link at the end of the intro. Read the intro and you’ll understand what I’m doing.

Readers Note:

This post was produced on 10/7/07 when an important court filing was available only in pdf form. Read on and you'll learn why it's posted with another date.

I'm a tech dummy but a friend "flipped" the 10/5/07 Evans, Finnerty and Seligmann suit filing from pdf. into Word.doc form.

Some of the indenting, spacing and italicizing were "lost" in the "flip" but spot checking a number of places in the Word.doc form indicated the text content is all there.

Double spacing was also lost in the "flip," but most of you should be able to easily create a double spaced Word doc. by copying this post or parts thereof off the screen, pasting it into Word and going from there.

While the filing occurred on 10/5/07 I'm posting the Word.doc form with a much earlier date stamp, so this extremely lengthy post doesn't "crowd" current posts. You can bookmark this post or copy it yourself.

Those of you who have been truth and justice seekers throughout the Duke Hoax and are reading this in October 2007 or latter will appreciate the date stamp I've chosen.

It's March 25, 2006, the day the Raleigh News & Observer published it's deliberately fraudulent "anonymous interview" story about what it said was a young, black mother's "ordeal" which ended finally in "sexual violence."

I hope the filing in Word.doc form is helpful to many of you.

Here’s the link