Thursday, October 11, 2007

KC Johnson & “exploding myths”

Historian and blogger Robert KC Johnson is this year’s winner of the prestigious D. B. Hardeman Prize, awarded annually by the Lyndon B. Johnson Foundation for “the best book that focuses on the U. S. Congress, from the fields of biography, history, journalism, and political science.”

The foundation selected Johnson’s Congress and the Cold War ( Cambridge University Press, 2006) for the prize which carries a $2,500 award.

A reviewer in The Journal of American History recently called Johnson “a leading historical expert on the role of Congress in modern American foreign policy.”

Historian Julian Zelizer, himself a previous Hardeman Prize recipient, had this to say about Congress and the Cold War:

"For decades, historians and political scientists have ignored the pivotal role of Congress in shaping the politics of the Cold War. They will no longer be able to do so. By redefining congressional power, and revealing the numerous ways through which legislators pushed and pulled national defense policies, Johnson offers an exciting, well-researched, and first-rate piece of political history.

This outstanding work should be on the bookshelves of everyone who is interested in the story of American politics since WWII."
Former United States Senate Historian Donald A. Ritchie said the book contained “an astute analysis of our system of checks and balances" and praised KC for “explod[ing] the myth that Congress took a backseat to the presidency during the Cold War.”

I know KC is an outstanding scholar but I don’t know whether he deserves praise for “explod[ing] the myth” about Congress taking “a backseat to the presidency during the Cold War.”

I haven’t read the book and before I comment I want to hear what Mike Nifong, Sgt. Gottlieb, Melanie Sill and Duke’s faculty Group of 88 say about it.

But I can say this right now: There’s no blog hooligan anywhere tonight who doubts KC’s ability to explode myths. He’s been exploding Duke Hoax myths for eighteen months.

There are some people at Duke and in Durham who still don't appreciate KC's myth-busting ability. But they will once they get past their shock and awe.

Congratulations, KC. We're cheering!


Anonymous said...

Any word on who won the "Blogger of the Year" award?

Anonymous said...

Dear Anon,

I don't know other than it wasn't me.


Jim in San Diego said...

KC is not done giving. The HBO special will bring the Duke story to a whole class of citizens who probably do not blog issues of justice or culture.