Thursday, October 11, 2007

One Reason I Respect Thomas Sowell

is that he so often writes things like the following:

Much was made of the fact that these Duke students came from affluent families. Lucky for them - and for us. Not everyone has an extra million dollars lying around to fight off false accusations. Their fight is our fight.
That was the last paragraph of his column following NC Attorney General Roy Cooper’s finding that David Evans, Collin Finnerty and Reade Seligmann were “innocent.”

Folks, can you imagine N&O editorial page editor Steve Ford, H-S editor Bob Ashley, Revs. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, and Duke Professors Wahneema Lubiano and Orin Starn writing anything like that as their closing paragraph?

They’re too self-seeking and filled with envy. None of them have the generosity of spirit, fairness and wisdom to have ever gotten to: “Their fight is our fight.”

Sowell's entire column is here.

Hat tip: The Johnsville News


Stephen said...

They are also self serving and self consumed.

Ralph Phelan said...

I've been astonished at the degree to which malice and envy have outweighed self-interest among Durham's black population.

As is so often pointed out, they suffer a lot more from police and prosecutorial iosconduct than rich whites do. So you'd think they'd be jump all over an opportunity to fix the Durham police force and DA's office.

Instead they side with their oppressors.

I still have trouble grasping it. In my mind I've pretty much put Durhamites in the same general category of "I've given up trying to understand this level of craziness" as Palestinians.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't the N&O insist that wronged parties be taken care of by NGO's and/or governmental offices, thereby ensuring that there be no responsibility towards the money?

I say, good for the parents for hocking their future to protect their children!


Insufficiently Sensitive said...

"Instead they side with their oppressors."

Not consciously, I suspect. Like much in politics, the most successful motivational energy comes from opposing something, and in this case some very successful demagoguery had painted horns and tails on three white lacrosse players, using mendaciously exaggerated language. Shaming the Devil was the desired reaction, and off went the yowling mob in that direction, led by the NYT, the local papers, the DA and the goodthinkers at Duke.

Siding of Durham's black population with 'their oppressors' (which is a pretty dubious description of the Durham municipal gummint, since without the black vote it doesn't get elected) just means that in this case they shared the same Devil.

Ralph Phelan said...

Insufficiently Sensitive said...
"Instead they side with their oppressors."

Not consciously, I suspect.

Of course not, but it's pretty effin stupid anyway, isn't it?

The same people who now are whining that the LAX players are going to get so much more compensation than poor black victims of police & prosecutor misconduct get, were the ones cheering on ovious police and prosecutor misconduct when the victims were white. It never seemed to occur to them that the next passenger on the DPD Railroad was far more likely to be one of them than another rich white Northerner.

Hatred of rich whites trumped self-interest.

Insufficiently Sensitive said...

"Hatred of rich whites trumped self-interest."

Now, what a magnificent topic for next Sunday's sermon THAT would make for the learned ministers of Durham.

Particularly the one on campus at Duke who sounded so righteous when the potbangers were riding high.