Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Churchill Series - Oct. 10, 2007

(One of a series of weekday posts about Winston S. Churchill.)

Are the twentieth century's two world wars separate wars? Or is the second really a continuation of the first which began in 1914, had an interruption in fighting between 1918 and 1938, after which military conquest and fighting resumed until the war finally ended in 1945.

Historians still argue those question.

Churchill had no doubt about his answer. He gave it in the first paragraph of the preface to the first of his multi-volume history, The Second World War:

I must regard these volumes of The Second World War as a continuation of the story of the First World War which I set out in the The World Crisis, The Eastern Front, and The Aftermath. Together, if the present work is completed, they will cover an account of another Thirty Years' War.
Winston S. Churchill, The Gathering Storm (p. iii) (vol.I) of The Second World War.