Friday, May 04, 2007

Nifong’s "Discovery" & KBP’s Skepticism

Folks, to understand this post be sure you’re very familiar with the two Talking posts I put up May 1, here and here.

If you’re new to the story of Nifong's NTO "copier discovery,” be sure to follow the links to the Talking posts.

You'll read about Raleigh N&O’s Joe Neff’s report of how on Mar. 23 Nifong “discovered” the NTO requiring all 46 white Duke lacrosse players to submit to Durham Police DNA testing and face and torso photos.

According to Neff, Nifong only learned of the NTO when he discovered it sitting on his office copier.

Who would have believed that?

And, as our 5 year old grandson says, “Do you know what else?”

If you believe Neff’s story, Nifong didn’t even know it was his chief ADA, David Saacks, who requested the NTO or that his old pal, mentor and former boss, Judge Ron Stephens, had signed it.

That’s why, as Neff tells his story, when Nifong “discovered” the NTO he exclaimed: “Holy crap, what is going on?”

I’m very skeptical of Neff's report. So is citizen journalist kbp who very early on began questioning Hoax stories.

Kbp sent this comment that reminds us of some of the reasons why we need to be skeptical of Neff’s 3/23 “copier discovery” story:

We know Nifong signed for a subpoena to get the medical records of Crystal on 3/20. Sounds like a fairly standard process in a rape case, one that would not grab his attention, but it did involve 3 Dukies. Maybe he was making inquiries by then.

I still lean heavily towards the idea that Gottlieb and his team's action before the NTO indicates there was pressure before Mikey's involvement. We're seeing now how big Levicy's actions contributed to the frame, but I do not recall her "consistent..." comment being used in the 3/16 Affidavit for the SW, even though Himan had spoken with her that day.

The assignment of Gottlieb's team to be under Mikey's control is a topic we need more information on. It was sure getting busy during that 3/20-3/24 time span.

Still so many questions!
So many questions, indeed.

Kbp is right to keep us skeptical about the “copier discovery” story.

More tomorrow, including asking how Nifong could not have known about a case so many at the Courthouse and others working on his campaign were talking about starting at least a week before his NTO "discovery."

Maybe Judge Stephens would today sign a finding that Nifong knew nothing about the NTO before 3/23, but I wouldn’t.

What about you?

Right now, all we have reported about Nifong's "discovery" is Neff’s account which is based on what Saacks told him.


Thank you, kbp, for keeping us skeptical.