Sunday, May 10, 2009

White House Still Silent On WTC Flyby Fighter

Friday the NY Daily News reported - - -

The White House aide who okayed the $328,835 Air Force One photo-op flight around the Statue of Liberty last week was sacked Friday.

President Obama accepted the resignation of Louis Caldera, director of his military office, after an internal probe found Caldera disregarded recommendations the public be notified about the trip …

The rest of the News’ story’s here.

Friday the White House also released this photo - -

and a report it called an “official review.”

Michelle Malkin linked to the report and noted it left a lot unexplained:

It does not cover DoD or FAA involvement. The report says “Initial planning” began in “March 2009 or earlier” without specifying who exactly initiated the planning and why. Caldera blames “severe back muscle spasms” and his recent return from a trip to Mexico for his failure to read e-mail concerning the mission.
Malkin’s entire post’s here.

The White House report not only duck’s questions of who initiated plans for the flyby, when and why but, by punting to the DoD and FAA no doubt with the President's approval, it avoids revealing who was on board the AF 1 backup during the flyby.

Why is President Obama refusing to tell us who was on board?

Obama also won’t tell us why a USAF fighter jet, not shown in the only flyby photo the WH released, was part of the flyby or which unit it belongs to.

As JinC Regulars know, there are reports the fighter was from the Alabama ANG and carried a red tail marking as did the famed WW II Tuskegee Air Squadron. I’ve posted about that and what it possibly means here.

I can’t recall a case when the DoD or a civilian airline was unable within a day or so to release a list of those on board a flight or provide a detailed history of a particular plane.

But here it is almost two weeks since the April 24 WTC flyby and there are still no answers about who was on board the AF 1 backup or what unit the fighter came from.

If Obama and his team wanted the information public, we’d have had it the first day.

That we still don’t have it tells us there’s a cover-up going on.


drew said...

John, there is little doubt in my mind that if the people on board the AF1 backup plane were ONLY military or Secret Service or WH folks, we'd have all the names and their sworn statements to attest to the "no passengers" status of the flight.

But we don't have that, and it appears more and more with each passing day that there was someone on board that plane that the White House does not want to make known. Not only is the use of that plane for "joyrides" a violation of all sorts of rules, the continued cover-up is only going to make the inevitable "leakage" more damaging.

Frankly, I can't imagine that some of the AF1 crew would be willing to put their careers on the line by going along with the White House on this one. When it does come out who the passenger(s) was (were), BHO will be throwing some rather experienced pilots and crewmen/women under the bus. If I were one of the crew, I'd make damn certain that the information got out somehow, just so I could avoid having to continue the outright lie that it was just a training mission intended to get publicity photos.

And the proof of the fallacy of the PR-photo mission is the absolute trashy nature of the photo that has been released. It appears to be a snapshot from a point-and-shoot camera borne by the pilot of the chase plane, not the work of a professional photographer.

Don't you think if this was really intended to get PR photos that the resultant photos might actually look more professional than the one we've seen? That also explains why we've only seen one - that's all that there is, because the chase-plane pilot didn't have a chance for a second shot, based on the type of camera he/she was probably using.

(b)limey said...

We all klnow who was on the plane. One opf his relatives. Just seee which one was in the country at the time