Sunday, April 26, 2009

Refuting Duke-Durham Frame/Cover-up Enablers

Refuting Duke-Durham frame/cover-up enablers is easy.

Just use facts.

I was reminded of that this morning when I read the comment thread of The Chronicle’s recent, lengthy infomercial-like story headed:


During five years, Brodhead negotiates private and public life
At 1:11 AM on 4/23 an Anon commented:
I love the phony double standard applied by the LAX lunatics. When the Durham DA alleged that the LAX players were guilty of rape, we were all supposed to ignore the allegations.

However, when the LAX players make allegations against Duke and its administrators, we are supposed to treat those allegations as if they are the gospel even before trial. What a joke.
Tort Lawyer responded:
No... you're the joke.

The allegations against the lacrosse players were serious, and deserved to be investigated. When it became clear that Nifong was acting in a procedurally improper manner, it was appropriate to call for his replacement, as Professor Coleman did, to restore confidence in the investigation.

No one is asking you, or anyone else, to accept the allegations against Brodhead and Steel "as the gospel".

But these allegations are serious, and they deserve to be investigated... not swept under the rug.

What the Chronicle needs to do is to stop mischaracterizing the complaint against Brodhead by employing the strawman argument concocted by the Duke P.R. Department, that the criticism is largely related to one of a "lack of support".
Further down the thread you’ll find Plaque for 610 offering this piece of imagining entirely dissociated from reality:
610 North Buchanan Avenue.

Herein lies the ghost of Tarheel

Justice, trapped in a bathroom,

strangled, assaulted and robbed
A short while later a commenter provided reality:
stangled... and not a mark on her neck, per the medical report, police report and photographic evidence,

assaulted... and not a mark on her body, save the scratched knee, obtained while being dumped cold by co-workers on the hard shell parking lot of the Platinum Club,

robbed... and yet her cash left at 610 Buchanan was recovered, and her only claim deemed credible by the DPD was that she had been robbed by the second stripper,

Face it, no one was strangled, assaulted or robbed.

You were lied to, and you took the bait hard.

You so want to believe that someone was strangled, assaulted or robbed, that in your lie-filled fantasy world, it all requires a total disregard of the evidence.
That the facts so easily refute what the frame/cover-up enablers want to believe explains why so many of them now fall back on name calling, ad hominems, threats, misstatements, lies and fantasies.

TC's article's here; it's comment thread's here.


Anonymous said...

610 Buchanan

Broadhead-Steel House

an appropriate name

Anonymous said...

Anon: 7:09

An appropriate name - campus housing for thosw with the highest pc credentials - references must include W. Lubiano, T. Tyson, C. C. Gurney.

Anonymous said...

They should name the house in honor of the poor saps who believed Mangum and Nifong. Call it the "Something Happened In There" and just use the acronym.
Tarheel Hawkeye