Friday, May 01, 2009

MSM Rolls With Dems’ “Waterboarding Ineffective” Meme

Wednesday night President Obama contradicted four former CIA directors and many others expert in interrogation techniques on the question of whether of intelligence information gained as a result of enhanced techniques such as waterboarding could've been obtained other way.

Obama said he's confident it could've been obtained by other means.

But he didn’t say what they were or why he believed that.

The Obama-fawning White House press corps, recently awarded an “A” grade from his chief spokesman for their gushing coverage, didn’t ask those obvious follow-up questions.

Now today an ABC News report says:

"The use of these tactics tends to increase resistance on the part of the detainee to cooperating with us. So they have the exact opposite effect of what you want," said Sen. Carl Levin (D-Mich).
ABC doesn’t mention any evidence Levin offered for his claim “these tactics. . . have the exact opposite effect of what you want.”

And there's no mention of the press asking Levin for any.

When it comes to the Dems' denial of the value of enhansced interrogation, most of MSM are just rolling along with the Dems.

MSMers like to tell us they’re our watchdogs. But when Dems speak, most MSMers are more like puppies.

ABC's entire story's here.

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Anonymous said...

Levin's claims contradict what Obama said in his press conference the other night. When pressured on the issue, Obama did concede to what VP Cheney maintained - that the information garnered as a result of the "enhanced interrogation techniques" was vital. In fact, information that was garnered led to the capture of other terrorists, and information from them led to the capture of others as well as the plan to blow up the BofA tower in LA. Obama tries to maintain a hypothetical - that there might have been other ways to obtain the same information but he has no suggestions as to how that might have been done - and in fact, it was ONLY after all other gentle methods of interrogation had yielded nothing (after all, the prisoners had been trained to resist interrogation techniques) that more forceful methods were adopted.
Levin obviously drinks from the same cup as Biden - the cup of misinformation and supposition.