Sunday, March 22, 2009

Obama's Nowruz Message With And Without The Flag

It's true the version of President Obama's Nowruz message not showing the American flag was deliberately cropped.

But it's not true, as some people are saying, that the cropping to eliminate our flag from view was done by photo-shopping bloggers out to embarrass Obama.

The cropped version, intended for showing in Iran was created by The White House.

You can see that for yourself by viewing the two versions below and checking at You Tube where The Obama White House is cited as the source for both versions.

I haven't seen a news report explaining why Team Obama released to American media a version showing Obama with the flag beside him and the cropped version to Iran.

Releasing two versions was a mistake.

Iran's leaders will see Obama's decision as pandering and a sign of weakness. Sensible Americans who learn what happened will reach a similar conclusion.

So far the cropping story is still under the MSM's radar.

If it becomes enough of a public story, The White House will likely say something about the President not wanting Iran's leaders to have any excuse for not letting his message be shown there.

But if that was really the case, why not release just the version without the flag?

Folks, you know the answer as well as I: Obama wanted to have it both ways.

Hope and Change!

Here are the two versions:


Anonymous said...

This whole "Nowruz" message attempt is absurd on its face. Ahmadinejad is a corrupt insane tyrant and if this crazy message is even shown in Iran, it will be because the anti-Zionist Moslem dictator can figure a way to mock it and use it for his own purpose.

One Big Awful Mistake America!