Sunday, March 22, 2009

Don't Do It, Tarheel Hawkeye

JinC Regulars know the Navy a few weeks ago gave an award to Marine slanderer and longtime skimmer of public money, Dem Rep. Jack Murtha. I posted about that disgraceful action and included a link to a site where readers can sign an online petition protesting the Navy's action. (See Comments re: Don't Honor Murtha Petition )

The post has drawn the following comment:


When I retired from federal service after 20 years with the Army and 16 years with the Navy, I was presented The Department of the Navy's Meritorious Civilian Service medal and commendation.

I was always proud of that award but today I have packed up the medal and the commendation and first thing tomorrow I'll mail them back to the Secratary of the Navy with a letter telling him that the Murtha award denigrates all such civilian awards, and I no longer wish to have the medal.

Murtha is a disgrace to Pennsylvania, to the United States and our species.

Tarheel Hawkeye

Message to Tarheel Hawkeye: Don't return the medal and citation you earned.

But do write the Navy Secretary. Ask as a former medal holder why he decided to honor someone who slandered Marines fighting in Iraq?

Also ask him why he'd honor a guy with Murtha's history of involvement in bilking the public and now under investigation for questionable activities involving possible abuse of his public trust.

It's your call, but there's my two cents.


Anonymous said...

Tarheel should keep his award and take pride in it. It was only degraded by the current political hack serving as Secretary of the Navy. Semper Fi (Including sailors) to all who recived awards before!
North of Detroit

drew said...

To Tarheel Hawkeye - please don't make a gesture that is symbolic only to yourself, and not to the people who you are actually trying to reach. Recall John (I was in Viet Nam) Kerry, and his throwing his medals over the WH fence. Even though it appears he never really threw his medals over the fence, or any medals whatsoever, his "statement" became a mockery in the long run. Don't fall into that "principle trap".

Although I fully understand your anger and your disgust, you would be much better served by engaging the current occupant of the SecNav office to explain how he/they could demean all the other awardees in such a manner. Take the high road, not the anger road.

Remember, you presumably earned your distinction, and the fact that others did not will not diminish your efforts. Idiots like the hopefully soon-to-be-former Congressfool from Pennsylvania shouldn't cause you to relinquish your award, they should instill in yourself a greater desire to make sure your award is never again cheapened. Be vocal, not demonstrative.

Anonymous said...

Dear Tarheel Hawkeye:

I agree with JinC. You should not give back an award that you earned.
A letter to the Secretary of the Navy would be in order.

Anonymous said...

Hello Tarheel Hawkeye,

I agree with JinC and the commenters here.

Think of it this way: The Navy Secretary doesn't deserve your award.

But let him know your thoughts which you're very good at doing.

I salute The Marines and all our military people

USAF retired.

Anonymous said...

Send 'em back. Who cares?

The stunning thing was that it fell to hack like Murtha to tell the truth about the war.

California Attorney, Michael Ehline said...

I am a former Marine and without reservation I say this: Murtha is a piece of trash scum. We called guys like him "shitbirds" when I was in the Corps.

Anonymous said...

The points made by your posters caused me to reconsider my decision to send the medal and commendation back to SECNAV.
I plan to send a letter to former Secretary Winter explaining how he has offended all recipients of military and civilian decorations from the Defense Department by giving a maggot like Murtha an honor he clearly did not deserve.
Every time I look at the framed commendation, I will remember what Winter has done to the reputation of the entire defense establishment.
Tarheel Hawkeye

Anonymous said...

I signed the petition but if I hadn't, I would now just for Tarheel.

I'm sorry that the actions of some have diminished the pride that Tarheel rightfully felt for the awards he earned.

Anonymous said...

The online petition made the Grapevine on tonight's Fox News. They reported that some 30,000 people have signed thus far.