Sunday, March 22, 2009

Comments Re: Don’t Honor Murtha Petition

Friday I posted Petition Opposing Award to Rep. Murtha.

The short of it: The Navy's given what's been thought of as a prestigious award to Dem Rep. Jack Murtha, who slandered our Marines in Iraq and who's history of sleaze involvement is as bad as that of Dem Reps. Charlie Rangel and Barney Frank, former Dem Detroit Mayor Kwame Kirkpatrick, and Dem Sens. Harry Reid, Tom Harkin, Dick Durbin, Ted Kennedy and Tom Dodd.

An online petition expresses the outrage of decent citizens at what the Navy's done. I linked to where people can sign and said I have.

As of 3/21 @ 8:30 ET there are 5 comments on the post thread. I want to respond to each here.

Comments are in italics; my responses are in plain

SoCal Pir8 said - - -

Signed as well. Murtha is the exception to "Once a Marine, Always a Marine."

Thanks for signing and he certainly is.

But even the greatest organizations have their turncoats.

North of Detroit said - - -


Were you the Anon who first alerted me to the petition? I’d like to be sure that person knows of my thanks for the alert.

cks said - - -

Thank you for the link - signed the petition. Murtha is a disgrace.

Thank you for signing and ditto on the Murtha sentiments.

How's the ap for the Churchill Seminar going?

Your comments here are certainly in the WSC tradition.

Anon @ 11:08 said - - -

Thanks, John, I just signed. There's over 20,000 of us now. Why did the Navy ever decide to "honor" that slimball Murtha?

Thanks for signing. I don’t know why the Navy gave him the award. I hope in time we learn why it happened.

Tarheel Hawkeye said - - -

The Navy has been politicized! During the many years I worked for the Department of the Navy, I can't recall ever seeing such a blatant political maneuver. Absolutely disgusting!

Disgusting is a very good word for it.

Thank you all for commenting.

Update on the petition signature count:

As of 8:45 PM ET today, it’s over 23, 000.

You can read the petition and sign it here. I hope you will if you haven’t already.

You must give an email for verification but you can indicate you want it to remain private.


Anonymous said...

John: When I retired from federal service after 20 years with the Army and 16 years with the Navy, I was presented The Department of the Navy's Meritorious Civilian Service medal and commendation. I was always proud of that award but today I have packed up the medal and the commendation and first thing tomorrow I'll mail them back to the Secratary of the Navy with a letter telling him that the Murtha award denigrates all such civilian awards, and I no longer wish to have the medal. Murtha is a disgrace to Pennsylvania, to the United States and our species.
Tarheel Hawkeye

Anonymous said...


I alerted you about the Murphy issue.

I now plan on commenting the following on the next new DiW blog.

The LAX case is about an underprivileged black woman who accused a group of supposedly privileged white men of rape. 88 college professors, the local prosecutor, police and officials agreed with her and called for vigilante justice.

In the John Murtha case, we have a privileged white Senator accusing US Marines (Presumably many underprivileged individuals) of atrocities for which there has been no validation.
I comment only in the interest of your inclusion of this link:

North of Detroit

Danvers said...


"underprivileged black woman who....".

Where do you get underpriveleged from? She is a black drug addled hooker,unmarried mother of three, thrown out of the Navy for conduct unbecoming, carried the DNA of 14 odd men in her nether regions, who refuses to take responsibility for screwing up her life. Do some research before pontificating on this subject!

Seems to me that because she is black, she gets a free pass and everyone who comments is too PC to tell it like it is.

Anonymous said...

Your passion is understood.
I have sent my message to DiW with a modification as suggested by you.
I would hope that you followed the link and placed you name on the petition.
North of Detroit