Sunday, February 08, 2009

When Does Tax-Cheating Become Just A “Tax Quandary?”

For that to happen, four conditions must be met:

1) The tax cheat must be both a powerful Democrat and a Washington influence peddler.

2) He must be in good graces with “fighters for the little guy” such as Dem Sens. Kerry, Schumer, Leahy and Kennedy. ( If he’s their former Senate colleague, that’s a bonus.)

3) At least one “senior political analyst” must be quoted as saying things like: “[o]ne cannot underestimate how widely admired” the tax cheat is in Washington and “He's got a lot of support in this White House, starting with the president."

4) A liberal/leftist news organization must be willing to call what the tax cheat did a “tax quandary.”

All four required conditions come together in the middle of
this CNN “news report”

Shortly after news of the tax quandary broke, a number of Democratic senators released statements expressing their support for Daschle, including Sens. John Kerry of Massachusetts, Charles Schumer of New York, Patrick Leahy of Vermont and Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts. In their opinions, Daschle identified the problem and corrected it.

Daschle's supporters said that given his record of three decades of public service, he was still the right man for the job.

"One cannot underestimate how widely admired Tom Daschle is in Washington for his integrity, for his public service. And many, many Democrats look to him as one of the favorite people. He's got a lot of support in this White House, starting with the president," said David Gergen, a senior political analyst for CNN.
I just now came upon CNN’s description of Daschle’s tax cheating amounting to over $125,000 thousand a “tax quandary.”

Even allowing that CNN is a fiercely pro-Dem outfit, I’m shocked and can’t think of anything to say now beyond that.

But I wanted to share what I found with you ASAP because I’m sure most of you haven’t read this recent example of CNN’s tanking for Dems.

I’ll say more in a day or two about CNN and what it calls I’ll Daschle’s “tax quandary.”

What do you think?

one more link to the CNN piece.


Anonymous said...

If CNN call $125,000 a 'tax quandary', I am very curious what they would define as a 'tax problem'. Or what a democrat would have to do to be labeled as a 'tax cheat'.

Scott S.

Anonymous said...

Shameless. Absolutely shameless. And shame on us for not telling them we're mad as hell and we're not going to take it any more.
Tarheel Hawkeye

Ken said...

Democrats believe that only the rich should pay taxes. They also believe the rich are all Republicans. Therefore, no matter how much money you make, as a Democrat you're exempt from taxes.

Anonymous said...

There needs to be a dictionary so that we know the correct usage of all terms:
Tax quandary - when a Democrat has not paid his tax bill
Tax cheat - any Republican who has not paid his taxes
The rich - a Republican
Republicans - rich people who do not pay their taxes; aka the idle rich, bankers, or ceo's
Democrats - honest, hard working Americans
Quality person - a Democrat; especially one who has had a tax quandary
The Senate - elected body who decides who has a tax quandary and who is a tax cheat.

We can always begin a who's who of "qaulity Americans" - who should be first on the list? Barney Frank, Charlie Rangel, or Chris Dodds?