Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I want to say to Sen. Schumer

You're right. A lot of American's don't care about what you call "those little, tiny - yes - porky amendments" that are such a big part of President Obama's Porkulus Plan.

But Obama's Chicago Daley machine cronies, you're pals Sens. Dodd and Reid, Speaker Pelosi, Rep. Rangel, Washington's high-paid influence peddlers and so many more like them do care.

That's why those amendments are in Obama's Porkulus Plan.

I bet you already knew that, didn't you?

You're just counting on the public's not caring, right?


Anonymous said...

Schumer is but one of the many insane buffoons in the Senate. Stuff like this would be funny, in a Mr. Magoo sort of way, except that it demonstrates such shocking ignorance and condescension toward us ordinary folks. Is anyone else out there scared to death? I am.

Anonymous said...

Look up the words "sleazy" and "slimey" in the dictionary and there you'll find pictures of Upchuck Schumer. He trusts the people not to care thus permitting him and the rest of the pillagers to establish their empire. Some of my family is still living in NY and some of them voted for Schumer because they thought Al Dimatto (sp?) was a crook! Boy, were they hoodwinked!
Tarheel Hawkeye

Anonymous said...

Let's face it, slimey and sleazy are two adjectives that are not political party specific (despite what Democrats would have us believe) - remember that those were tow words (along with many others - culture of corruption comes to mind) that the Democrats used against Republicans. I have given a lot of thought to Obama's press conference the other evening (I had to stop listening to it after a while because I was getting nauseous at the fawning reporters questions). He should have, after castigating the Republicans for not buying into his spending (stimulus) program lambasted the likes of Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid for their insistence of pushing a partisan party progam when what the country needs and the people want is a stimulus program that in the words of the immortal Larry Summers is targeted, temporary and (there is another t but I have forgotten it).
But,once again, an opportunity wasted.

drew said...

All should remember what Chuck Schumer is most known for in the Senate - the ability to move faster than the speed of light when there is space between himself and either a camera or a microphone. Unfortunately, in this case (as in a number of others) his haste to be seen and heard has beclowned him.

Think of how many other sitting congresspeople have more than a few videos lying around on YouTube and other sites in which they make total fools of themselves. There really aren't that many - Schumer has achieved a notoreity all his own. He'll likely try to laugh this one off (as in, the people who saw/heard it didn't understand the context), but the taxpayers who are in the process of getting a major hosing will likely not forget the flippant manner in which "Chucky" blew our tax money on useless and non-stimulative items.

Recall also that the White House, and the Legislative Branch in general, are trying to suggest that there are no "earmarks" or other pork-related items in the stimulus package. If that position is true, why does Chucky even reference the "chattering classes"? Chucky should be concerned - he's up for reelection within the next 3+ years, and will have those same chattering classes trying to extract some flesh in return.

If only the NY Republicans could find someone who is actually electable and intelligent. For reasons nobody seems to know, the NY Repubs seem to find that combination just a little out of reach.

Anonymous said...

It is truly said the most dangerous place in Washington DC is between Schumer and a TV camera.