Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Crawl Reveals Reuters’ Obama Plan Bias

At lot of financially-savvy people have been warning President Obama’s “stimulus” plans will mostly reward the least productive parts of our economy while adding trillions to America’s already huge debt and all but guaranteeing a sharp rise in inflation.

But for all of that, the leftist Reuters news org at 7:45 PM today runs on its news crawl:

U. S. Offers $2 Trillion Bank Plan But Stocks Fall (emphasis added)
If the financially-savvy people I just referred to were wording Reuters’ crawl, I think we would have read:
U. S. Offers $2 Trillion Bank Plan And Stocks Fall
A "neutral" crawl headline would have been
U. S. Offers $2 Trillion Bank Plan; Stocks Fall
That just reports what happened and leaves readers to draw their own conclusions.