Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tim Tyson, the Raleigh N&O & Whiteys’ Place

On March 27, 2006 the Raleigh News & Observer ran a story, “Rally calls for action at Duke” (reg. req’d), which began:

A cacophony of clanging pans pierced the crisp morning air Sunday as a group of Duke University students, neighbors and activists spoke out against sexual violence.

Bundled in sweaters and sweatshirts, about 100 people gathered at 610 N. Buchanan Blvd., where a woman said she was raped this month at a party hosted by Duke men's lacrosse team players. …

"This is a wake-up call to challenge sexual assault and racial violence," Manju Rajendran, 25, a Durham resident and organizer of Sunday's event, said through a bullhorn just after 9 a.m. "We're trying to break the silence. ... Women have a right to dignity and respect." ...

Attendees at the event Sunday criticized Duke for being too lenient on team members.

Some protesters carried signs including one that read, "All rapes deserve outrage." ...
The biggest signs the protesters carried were banners; one reading “CASTRATE” and another “GIVE THEM EQUAL MEASURE

But the N&O’s story said nothing about those threatening banners; nor were there any N&O editorials, op-ed or “news analysis” stories condemning the threatening crowd and their banners.

Does the N&O’s silence tell you the mob and its banners were targeting Whiteys? If it doesn't, you must still be waiting for Mike Nifong to produce his “smoking gun.”

The same goes for understanding why the N&O used only one sentence to describe a group of racists on May 18, 2006 shouting threats, including death threats, at a man outside and then again inside the Durham County Courthouse.

The man, one of those whose attempted frame-up Tyson enabled, had to be a Whitey and the racists black.

If the frame-up victim and his racist threateners races were reversed, the story would’ve started on the N&O’s front page with banner headlines.

All the above came to mind today when I read on the N&O’s editorial page an opinion piece by Duke professor Tim Tyson and saw the headline the N&O’d given it.

Tyson, one of the most attention seeking of the Duke faculty members who eagerly embraced false accuser Crystal Mangum’s hoax and the frame-up attempt led by a now disbarred Mike Nifong, begins by telling readers:
God probably dozes off during public prayer anyway. But the Rev. Joseph Lowery's mischievous benediction for the Obama inaugural may have made the Creator giggle. It ended with a plea to "help us work for that day when black will not be asked to get back, when brown can stick around, when yellow will be mellow, when the red man can get ahead, man, and when white will embrace what is right. Let all those who do justice and love mercy say amen." Loud laughter and a chorus of "amens" followed.
Tyson uses the rest of his op-ed to persuade us Rev. Lowery’s singling out only whites as needing to “embrace what is right” was not in any way inappropriate or racist. It was a just a joke.

You know about "Jew" jokes, "Amos and Andy" jokes and "Whitey" jokes, don't you?

Tyson likes the one he says Lowery told at President Obama's Inauguration. He found it a God-given knee-slapper.

Tyson's upset that others didn't get what he says was Lowery's great joke about Whitey.

Tyson want’s Whiteys to lighten up and understand “God has a sense of humor” The N&O went along headlining the op-ed: “Amen to a spirited blessing.”

Suggestion for the N&O:

Start a new section called Whiteys’ Place for stories like “Rally calls for action at Duke” and op-eds like “Amen to a spirited blessing.”


Anonymous said...

And the N&O 's owners wonder why their subscriber readership is down?
I have to believe that there is a special place in the hereafter for people like Tyson who are bound and determined to continue to foment race hatred.

Anonymous said...

Though there are still white bigots in this land, they are far outnumbered by black bigots and white wannabe black bigots. I brought my kids up to be color blind but to never be ethics or behavior blind. Under no circumstances could I or would I accept someone based solely on skin color, religion, or ethnicity. Neither would I reject them. I'm pleased to say my kids, now full-fledged adults, practice discrimination in its finest form. If a person acts like an uncivilized thug, my kids have nothing to do with them. If a person acts in a dignified and civil manner, no matter their color, they are fully accepted. None of their friends wears trousers at their knees, baseball caps backwards of sideways, and none listens to the misogynist and gay-bashing lyrics of today's "ghetto music."
Does that make them racist? Ask me if I care.
Tarheel Hawkeye

maltesse3 said...

It's ridiculous just how many people can be so gullible and led like sheep by someone like Tim Tyson and the whole entertainment and media industries. All you have to do is write a pro-black, anti-white book basically rehashing 40 year old history and embellishing it from the first sentence even to his sources with LIES, distortions, and honors will be heaped upon your head.... Just like he did in Blood Done Sign My Name.....
If Tyson were to write another book, only pro-gay, anti-straight this time, he would probably be crowned the finest literary talent in the history of the world..... I am sure he can gather up his old Rat Fink Club and get the job done. They will love to listen to Tim's Tall Tales......

Tyson's embarrassing ranting during the Duke Lacrosse fiasco is further proof of his anti-white leanings. And like that other Wacko, Nifong, Tyson will not even admit he is wrong when proven so....Little pity partier excuse is "well every book has it's flaws" ....BS. It's STUPID to even think somebody paid out their yeng-yang to be taught from a flawed book! Woopy do..... well there is a big difference between a flaw and a bunch of lies.

If Tim and his Dad think God is on their side they are not reading the same Bible I am. They seek only to GLORIFY themselves, and the Lord has some pretty definite things to say about that in His book.
And don't forget his other Chums. The Securities and Exchange Commission has launched an investigation of Duke Trustees chairman Bob Steel. And
Here Steel contributated Millions to Tyson's little racial movie. Was it his own personal money out of his piggy bank? And then that group of 88, like a bunch of Foxes guarding the hen house.
Wake -Up readers find out the truth about Tim Tyson Here