Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Dowd Report's Excellent Fisk

Sunday, Jan. 24, I posted A few very recent Caroline Kennedy articles.

I cited four MSM articles including the column that day by the NY Times’ Maureen Dowd, the only person over 16 who thinks maybe Teddy
really was hurrying with Mary Jo Kopechne to catch the last ferry off the island when he made a wrong turn off a hardtop down a dirt road that led across a narrow bridge to a “lovers lane” parking area.

Regarding Dowd’s column (“Which Governor Is Wackier”) my only points were to call the column to readers' attention and note with one example how the "glow of Camelot" still influenced Dowd; such that she said downright foolish things.

Dowd Report commented and chided me because: "That Dowd article is a lot more vicious than you make it out to be."

I promised Dowd Report I’d say more about the column and link to DR’s post on it.

I’m late doing that, but here goes:

DR provides an excellent fisking of Dowd's column and leaves on doubt about its meanness.


So in Dowd’s rampage she is calling a pox on everybody’s house. The presumed rival to Caroline was Andrew Cuomo, so she now implicitly endorses him over Paterson.
Paterson wasn’t thinking of New York, only of how an upstate ally who was a woman would bolster his own chances for re-election. We can only hope that an avenging Andrew Cuomo takes him out in a primary.
Since her campaigning for Caroline went so well, Dowd also names her preferred choice for taking out Gillibrand in revenge.
Carolyn McCarthy, who ran for Congress on an antigun platform after her husband was killed and her son wounded by a gunman on the Long Island Rail Road in 1993, said she may challenge the “N.R.A. poster child” in 2010.
There’s a lot more to Dowd Report’s fisk.

You can give it a look here.

And the best of luck to Dowd Report.


Mo MoDo said...

Thank you for your kind words. I have been following Dowd for over a year now and it's good to get some attention.

Anonymous said...

Due to snow and general PO ineffectiveness, I just received the New Yorker article on Caroline Kennedy. It is an interesting read - particularly O'Donnell's (Kennedu flunky of the first order) comments about the new senator from New York and the way that senatorial campaigning should be conducted. The idea that Kenedy's genteelness and her ability to have people drop all to "serve her interests" as her special qualifications is particularly galling. One can understand what it was that upset the Paterson forces regarding the Kennedy candidacy.