Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Franken-Coleman Court Battle Yesterday

The AP reports - - -

Minnesota voters testified Tuesday their ballots had been unfairly rejected as Republican Norm Coleman argued thousands of disqualified absentee ballots should be counted in the U.S. Senate race.

"Perhaps my signature is not as good as it once was," Gerald Anderson, of St. Paul, told the three-judge panel hearing Coleman's lawsuit. "It gets cloudy and crooked. I am 75 years old."

But that shouldn't have disqualified his vote, he said: "I want it back. I'm entitled to my vote."

A statewide recount gave Democrat Al Franken a 225-vote edge. The personal stories that Anderson and five other voters told are just one front on Coleman's effort to have more votes counted. …


My comments:

Usually Dems argue “every vote should count.” And never mind the “vote” was cast by a guy who died three years.

The dead coming back to life to "vote" in places like Chicago and Florida is just part of the Dems Hope and Change program.

The rest of the AP’s story’s here; the Minneapolis Star Tribune’s story of the day's events is here.


Anonymous said...

Only the dead who vote Democrat (and one should realize that all dead vote Democrat - at least in Illinois and Minnesota) get to have their votes counted.