Thursday, December 25, 2008

A most memorable Christmas

included attendance with my wife and dear friends at Mass at the Rosaire Chapel in Vence, France.

There's no exaggeration in the following from a Vence information site:

The Rosaire chapel, conceived by Henri Matisse remains a sacred art monument, unique in the world.

From 1948 to 1951, Matisse drew up the plans for the edifice and all the details of its decoration: stain glass windows, ceramics, stalls, stoup, [etc.]

It was the first time that a painter entirely designed every detail of a monument, from the architecture to the furniture [to the vestments the priests wear at Mass. – JinC]. …

For Henry Matisse, “this work required me 4 years of an exclusive and untiring effort and it is the fruit of my whole working life. In spite of all its imperfections I consider it as my masterpiece."

From New World Encyclopedia are photos of the chapel’s:


Interior here, here and here

The green, the red and the white chasubles Matisse designed.

And again from an information site some photos (click on the photo link on the menu at the left) of the area immediately surrounding the chapel.

A photo of the exterior of the alter end of the chapel is in the center. The photos can be enlarged with a click.

I hope a “visit” to this most beautiful chapel and creation of Matisse adds to your enjoyment of this day.