Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Holiday Blessings to you and my plans

Holiday good wishes and blessings to all of you who strive to do you best and give the other person a fair shake.

I appreciate the good wishes some of you have expressed to me.

Blogging will be very light today and tomorrow.

From Dec. 26 until after the New Year the blogging will be more "conversational" than anything else.

By that I mean, for example, that without going back and getting the links, I'll talk about what a sea change there's been for Duke since Sept. 2007 when President Brodhead issued his "apology" to the lacrosse players to a standing ovation from the trustees and "the word" from the Allen Building was "move on."

But that's all fallen apart.

Since Sept. 2007, to cite just two examples, the same Duke leaders who were talking "move on" found themselves forced to first, hire Jamie Gorelick, an attorney best-known for her political influence in high places, and second, bring a suit against one of its insurers who's refusing to pay a penny for legal or other costs connected with suits brought against Duke in regard to its disgraceful response to Mangum's lies and what followed them.

Duke’s not moving on. It just finding itself stuck deeper and deeper in the Duke/Durham cover-up with things getting uglier and Dukier.

Along with those “conversation” posts, I'll pick up on a few "in the news” items.

I'll also let you know what some of my major goals for JinC in '09 are.

And I'll ask for your thoughts on how to achieve them.

So keep looking in during the holidays.

Just don't expect too much.

Now again, every blessing to you.



Anonymous said...

Duke's still washing its hands, saying, "Out, damned spot!" over the lacrosse case.

Only as with Lady Macbeth, it's not working.