Sunday, November 16, 2008

Where’s the Raleigh N&O’s “readers’ advocate?”

At his Readers' Corner blog, Ted Vaden self-describes as “the N&O public editor, [who] serves as the readers' advocate within the paper.”

For years Vaden's print column has appeared Sunday on the editorial page of what many regard as one of the liberal/leftist McClatchy Company's most partisan newspapers.

But this Sunday, Nov. 16, there was no Vaden column there and no announcement saying when or whether he'd be back.

I called the N&O twice today to ask about Vaden.

The first time someone told me he thought Vaden’s column had run, but offered to “check.”

After a few minutes on hold, the polite N&O staffer told me Vaden hadn’t run.

“Why not?”

The person said he didn’t know.

“What about an announcement in the paper about Vaden’s return? Something like: 'Ted Vaden’s column will appear again next Sunday?’”

The person said he couldn’t be sure about Vaden's status.

Mind you, the person wasn’t saying Vaden wouldn’t return; just that “a lot of things are changing here now and we don’t always know about them.”

I thanked the person and wished him well.

A few hours later I called the N&O again.

I got a different person this time who knew Vaden hadn’t run but couldn’t say why not. The person hadn’t seen Vaden “in weeks. I’m not sure what his status is. Why don’t you call him and leave a voice mail if you don’t get him.”

I called Vaden at the number listed on the N&O’s editorial page masthead: (919) 836 – 5700.

I got a recorded message with Vaden saying he’d be out of the office from Oct. 7th through Oct. 17th , returning on the 18th. (The dates I cite have been fact-checked as of 8:10 PM ET. - - JinC)

Vaden also provided a number for callers who had “circulation problems.”

There is a lot of "background" talk going around now about various people, positions, policies and practices at the N&O. Some of it concerns Vaden. Just about all of it is tagged with "don't use my name."

I plan tomorrow to contact N&O execs and try to get them "on the record" regarding Vaden and his status with the N&O.

Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

As the majestic Titanic sinks slowly beneath the frigid waters, the crew is busily rearranging the deck chairs....
Tarheel Hawkeye

Anonymous said...

I sent part-timer Ted an article a few weeks back about a liberal newsperson saying how biased the liberal news reporters were. He snidely remarked back. I would not doubt that he through his hands into the air and just said screw it to everyone.

It is tough always defending what you know is biased. He may be back, but it would not surprise me if he just moved on.

Anonymous said...

This is hilarious. His voicemail said he's returning on the 18th and you're all worked up because he's not there on the 17th? I'm going out on a limb here, but maybe he took a vacation? You need to calm down.

Anonymous said...

To the 4.16: The recorded message said Vaden would be back on OCTOBER 17 as I read it. Shouldn't it be considered strange that he's over a month late?

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:16 must've missed John's post and a significant part of Vaden's voicemail message I've listened to.

Anon 4:16 isn't hilarious, just pathetic.

Anonymous said...

The 4:16 probably voted for "The One" and is still in Nirvana. What month is it on your planet?
Tarheel Hawkeye