Tuesday, November 18, 2008

AP covers up for Jesse Jackson

First a brief Associated Press report; then my comments below the star line

BALTIMORE (AP) - The Rev. Jesse Jackson says he's concerned about the effect President Bush could have in his last months in office.

Jackson said Sunday at a Baltimore church that the nation's economic crisis is being compounded by the ideology of the Bush administration.

The civil rights leader and former presidential candidate also said his relationship with Obama is a "great one." He refused to comment on whether his son, an Illinois congressman, would be chosen to fill Obama's vacant Senate seat.

Jackson apologized to Obama earlier this year for saying the Illinois senator appeared to be talking down to black Americans. Jackson said the comments were private and he didn't know they were being recorded.

That’s the entire AP story hosted at Breitbart.com news site.


As is so often the case with liberal/leftist “news reporting,” the public is manipulated by virtue of what’s left out or stated falsely.

Jackson didn’t have to apologize for saying Sen. Obama had talked down to black people.

The “civil rights leader” apologized for saying he wanted to rip off Sen. Obama’s testicles, though he actually used a slang term for that part of the President-elect’s anatomy.

Jackson didn’t say Obama “appeared to be talking down …”.

He said Obama did “talk down” and that made him very angry which Jackson said led him to want to rip off … (you know the rest).

The AP spun this story. I’ll say more about that tomorrow.

Now it’s catch a plane time.


Anonymous said...

Probably the best sentence you've ever written: "Jackson didn’t Obama 'appeared to be talking down …'."

JWM said...

Anon @ 5:48,

Thanks for catching I'd left "say" out of the sentence.

I've got it in there now.


knowitall said...

The left-wing illuminati have done nothing but bicker amongst each other, and the media have kept it hush hush.