Monday, November 17, 2008

Raleigh N&O “readers’ advocate” is “on vacation”

Yesterday I posted Where’s the Raleigh N&O’s “readers’ advocate?”

Raleigh News & Observer public editor Ted Vaden’s regular Sunday column didn’t run yesterday.

There was no announcement at the space on the editorial page where Vaden’s column runs or at his blog.

Two calls yesterday to the N&O were fielded politely, but the persons I spoke with weren’t sure of Vaden’s situation.

His VM said he was “out of the office” through October 17th and would return of the 18th.

Today I called editorial page editor Steve Ford who explained Vaden doesn’t report to him and he didn’t know why Vaden’s column hadn’t run.

Ford suggested I call publisher Orage Quarles to whom Vaden reports.

I called Quarles who told me Vaden is on vacation. He expects Vaden’s column to resume.


Danvers said...

Hoopefully it is a permanent vacation. Did you ask Orage Quarles (where on earth did he get that handle from?) when he would be going on permanent vacation?

Anonymous said...

Wow, John, great investigative reporting! You really nailed the whole ombudsman-on-vacation caper!

What mountain will you climb next?

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:25

Your envy's showing.