Friday, August 15, 2008

Pelosi favors roll-call vote

The San Francisco Chronicle reports:

...[Speaker Nancy Pelosi] said she supports a roll-call vote at the Democratic National Convention in Denver this month. Supporters of former presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton had been pressing to have her name put into nomination to recognize the millions of votes she received during the primaries.

Clinton and presumed nominee Barack Obama agreed to do that Thursday, but the mechanics of a roll-call vote are still to be worked out. Pelosi argued that the roll call is a tradition and would be good for the party.
The entire SFC article's here.

The devil's often in the details, in this case what the Chronicle calls "the mechanics of a roll-call."

Will each state on its own select who'll announce the state's vote? That's usually what happens. At this convention most state's will be splitting their votes. Such states in the past have often had more than one person announce the vote. Will that be permitted?

I ask that because one thing Team Obama will struggle to do at the convention is present "a moderate face" to the nation. Comparing our military managing Gitmo to Nazis and Pol Pots thugs as Ill. Sen. Dick Durbin did may generate applause at some Dem meetings, but Obama's people are not going to want anything like that said at the convention.

But someone during the roll-call with the mike and camera on h/her may not be able to resist letting fly with remarks from the Dem's far-left field.

The more people who get a chance to announce delegate votes, the more chance there is of that happening.

Final roll-call thought for now: I'm betting Team Obama is working with the networks now to try to get them to do as much interviewing and analysis as possible during the roll-call.


Anonymous said...

So Pelosi wants a roll-call vote at the convention? Yet she refuses to allow her colleagues in the House of Reprehensibles to vote on oil drilling legislation. I guess once again politics trumps national interest.
Tarheel Hawkeye