Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Guess who says Michelle Obama's "a fellow traveler"

I know Sen. Barack Obama has a lot of leftist friends - even some who are unrepentant terrorists (Bill Ayers says he didn't go far enough.) - but who knew Ms. Michelle Obama was "a fellow traveler?"

From JammieWearingFool - - -

According to Bartleby, a fellow traveler is "One who supports the aims or philosophies of a political group without joining it. A “fellow traveler” is usually one who sympathizes with communist doctrines but is not a member of the Communist party. The term was used disparagingly in the 1950s to describe people accused of being communists."

So why is Barack Obama disparaging his own wife? We constantly hear him whining how people are being unfair to her, so was this just another gaffe, Barry?

She's just a wonderfully normal, levelheaded person. Any American woman who meets her would immediately identify her as a fellow traveler.

A rather inartful choice of words.

Funny, but we keep hearing from the Obamas how they don't want to exploit their kids, yet they just continue to keep them in the spotlight.

You can't have it both ways, folks.

Meanwhile, Obama's pathetic obsession with Fox News continues. He refuses to go on cable's highest-rated network, but disparages them whenever he can.

Very unbecoming of a candidate to single out a network, in my opinion.
MC: Do you think she's misunderstood?

BO: Not by people who've been paying attention. I think that if you've been watching Fox News then probably she's misunderstood, because I do think there's been a fairly systematic attempt by the conservative press to paint her in a completely false way. They latched onto the one gaffe or statement she made about being proud of her country for the first time, which, as Laura Bush acknowledged, was not something that Michelle had meant — that she had not been proud of her country before. And her very legitimate criticisms of how families are being treated and the difficulty for so many women of balancing family and work was painted as her being this caricature of an angry person. Anybody who knows her well knows she's got the best sense of humor of anyone you'd ever want to meet. She's the most quintessentially American person I know.
Sorry, but when you call the United States a downright mean country, expect criticism, and not just from Fox News. And there are a lot more than one gaffe.


Anonymous said...

"She's just a wonderfully normal, levelheaded person. Any American woman who meets her would immediately identify her as a fellow traveler."

Context, my dear Watson.

Anonymous said...

Are you nuts? "fellow traveler" = "communist"?

More Republican propaganda..but that was obvious because you expect the candidates should recognize Fox News, who did not get an anchor as moderator for the debates because...they are all idiots.