Sunday, August 10, 2008

Edwards - Hunter 3-minute video (a repost)

Readers Note: The post below was published Aug. 1. I'm reposting it today partly in tribute to the Death By 1000 Cuts folks who made the video; and partly with many of you in mind who are now finally learning from MSM news orgs about the "Webisodes" Rielle Hunter made with John Edwards. Parts of the "Webisodes" are in the video, including the "camera girl" moment.


An Anon commenter sent a link to a Death By 1000 Cuts video which it says covers the "entire John Edwards Love Child Scandal from October 2007 to July 2008 in 3 minutes."

It's extremely well done and IMO captures "the essential Edwards." It works cuts of Rielle Hunter speaking about Edwards into the swift-moving narrative. The satirical use made of that is devastating.

The video ends with a few graphics concerning MSM coverage of the affair and a challenging question for the news media.

And oh yes, you will hear a mirthful Edwards refer to Hunter as "camera girl."

Thanks to Anon for sending the link. And congratulations and thanks to Death By 1000 Cuts for an outstanding video on a very important matter.

Now I hope you all give the video a look.

John Edwards, Rielle Hunter Love Child Scandal - video powered by Metacafe


Anonymous said...

Why is John Edwards still news?

The paternity test will be ordered by a judge when Rielle Hunter files for child support. That's how its done.

It's a tale about Obama and Elizabeth, the brains of the operation. John Edwards' sex fling is news because Obama knew it to be true and still wanted him on the VP list, up to just a few days ago. This is how government figures get blackmailed...of course, Edwards is already paying about $15000 in blackmail (via an associate) to keep Rielle from telling the truth to the see, John is not the story, it's about Elizabeth...Elizabeth Edwards was supposed to speak at the DNC in was paid to suppress the scandal until after the convention...but, obviously, the National Enquirer paid better. Also, if Elizabeth knew in 2006, then why would Elizabeth subject the Democratic Party to such a risk by letting her fornicating husband run for the nomination...simple, Elizabeth did it to draw votes away from Elizabeth stole Hillary's nomination is the real story.

Anonymous said...

Now Hunter is shielding Edwards by refusing any testing of her "love child" (which we used to call a bastard). Don't you think that Edwards and Hunter discussed this ploy while spending a few hours in dalliance at the Beverly Hilton that fateful night? Johnny Boy can look all gallant by saying he has no objection to any testing of the child's lineage knowing full well Hunter will run interference by rejecting the DNA tests. I know Edwards supporters are mentally challenged, but does he think everybody is as gullible as those lemmings who populated his rallies? This is a well-planned scam on the public and that damned National Enquirer spoiled the whole thing!! Thank you NE.
Tarheel Hawkeye

Anonymous said...

"Why is John Edwards still news?"

You've got to be kidding.
This show is just getting started. It's been a scam as TH said.
The Democrats are very angry with both of the Edwards for going into the presidential race knowing this. Elizabeth Edwards was throwing down on Hillary and look at what she did.
She has lived a lie with her husband which could have destroyed the whole political party they supposedly care about.
Just like a friend of mine said today, both of them are as phony as a three-dollar bill.