Wednesday, May 14, 2008

NY Times reports race as factor in WV & NC

Here are the 3rd and 4th paragraphs of today NY Times’ report of yesterday's West Virginia Democratic primary result:

Mrs. Clinton defeated Senator Obama Tuesday in a primary where racial considerations emerged as an unusually salient factor. She drew strong support from white, working-class voters who have spurned Mr. Obama in recent contests.

The number of white Democratic voters who said that race influenced their choice on Tuesday was among the highest recorded in voter surveys in the Clinton-Obama nomination fight. Two in 10 white West Virginia voters said that race was an important factor in their vote, and more than 8 in 10 of them backed Mrs. Clinton, according to surveys of voters leaving the polls.
Here’s the 19th paragraph of the Times’ May 7 report of the outcome of the North Carolina Democratic primary:
In North Carolina, Mr. Obama’s performance was bolstered by a strong black vote. He captured more than 90 percent of those voters in that state, where blacks accounted for one in three voters. But over all, Mrs. Clinton continued to draw strong support among whites, particularly older women.
The 19th paragraph is the Times’ first mention of how voting in North Carolina broke by race.

The Times doesn't report whether NC voters were asked if “race was an important factor in their vote” and, if it was, which was surely the case, what percentage of blacks and whites who said it was “backed” Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Obama.

Different reporting for different candidates.

Today's entire Times report is here; its May 7 report is here.


Anonymous said...

As usual, only Whites can be racists. Are you sick of it, too?
Tarheel Hawkeye

Anonymous said...

John -

Good observation on your part. Also -note to TH - only white males can be racists and/or misogynists, so says Nora Ephron. When white males vote for Mrs. Clinton, they're racists; when white males vote for Obama, they're misogynists. Apparently, whatever we white guys do, it's just wrong.

Jack in Silver Spring

justice58 said...

The voters in WV are racists!

Blacks that vote for Barack have never said they wouldn't vote for Hillary because she is white. Some in WV said they wouldn't vote for Barack simply because he is black. That is racist! Some of the people in WV are just uneducated & ignorant! Not much one can do about that!

Anonymous said...

John -

In contrast to justice58, I do not think the majority of voters in WV are racists. I think they heard and understood what Obama's pastor had said about whites and America, and Obama's having stayed in the church and then refusing, at first, to distance himself from his pastor.

Also, uneducated does not necessarily mean, ignorant; it is when you don't like the choice such people have made that they equate.

Jack in Silver Spring

Archer05 said...

It would seem to me that if 90% of Blacks want to vote for Obama, and that is not racist, then if 90% of Whites don’t want to vote for him, that is not racist either.

The people of WV have a right to vote how they want, and for whatever reasons they want. No one has the right to choose for them.

Saying they are uneducated or ignorant defines the derisive atmosphere Obama supporters are creating. No one is saying Obama is the great unifier any longer, and I think his supporters have to shoulder some of the blame. Hate doesn’t play well in Peoria.

justice58 said...


This country need to come together and stop all the hatred because a person looks different! We as a country can start right now & it begins in our homes! Hatred is ugly & it's like a cancer. It will destroy all that is good!

All that is good comes from God & you can't go wrong with hope because it's a biblical principle that comes from God!

Anonymous said...


Keep up the good work, Polanski.

You've really snowed this dumb bunch on John's blog.


Anonymous said...

So if WV voters are racists because they voted overwhelmingly for Rodham-Clinton, then it stands to reason that North Carolina voters are equally racist for giving overwhelming support to Mr. Obama. It's very convenient to be able to say people dislike you simply because of your race or religion rather than facing facts and accepting that people might dislike you because you're a lying phony.
Tarheel Hawkeye

justice58 said...


Obama supporters never said WV was uneducated & ignorant. MSM did!

Sure, WV has a right to vote for whomever they want but one would think they'd vote on issues & not skin color!

Anonymous said...

To justice58 via JnC -

This is what you said at 10:08 AM: "Obama supporters never said WV was uneducated & ignorant. MSM did!"

This is what you said earlier, at 10:12 PM: "Some of the people in WV are just uneducated & ignorant!"

So it is the MSM + justice58 (an Obama supporter) who said it.

But on a more fundamental level, it is irrelevant to me as to the color of Obama's skin. What is relevant are the principles he espouses, the people with whom he associates, and the content of his character. The principles he espouses (as far as I can tell) include: 1)income redistribution which is fundamentally harmful to both the giver and the taker; 2) a pullout from Iraq before the job is done; 3) a willingness (followed by denial) to talk to some of the worst thugs in the world; 4)a desire to impose further gun control; and 5) what I perceive to be a general leftist tilt which borders on socialism and which is a sure way to make us all poorer.

Then there are the people with whom he associates. The "Reverend" Wright who rightfully can be called a racist, and if he were white would find a home in the KKK; the domestic terrorists, William Ayres and Bernadine Dohrn; and then the assorted unsavory characters from Chicago.

Finally, there is the content of his character. I have seen him deny what he said time and time again; I have seen him make bad decisions with regard to his pastor, and I have seen him demean the grandmother who raised him when he equated her with the "Reverend" Wright.

In another time and in another place, someone asked me if I was going to vote for a politician with whom I had a common ancestry. My response was that his principles were not my principles, and so I would not vote for him. (NB I have done that very frequently.) I would hope others would do the same.

Finally, Obama will not unite the country give his lack of love for country and his denigration of some its citizens. That is not a uniter but a divider.

Jack in Silver Spring

Anonymous said...

Jack in Silver Spring has got it very well covered. Couldn't have said it better myself.
Tarheel Hawkeye