Sunday, May 11, 2008

Finnerty’s return to Duke: more than a game

First, the start of Burlington Times News sports editor Bob Sutton’s report of Collin Finnerty’s return to Duke yesterday as a member of the Loyola lacrosse team which took on the Blue Devils at Koskinen Stadium. Then below the star line, the text of an email I sent Sutton.

Sutton began - - -

Collin Finnerty wanted Loyola to win in its NCAA Tournament assignment Saturday afternoon at Duke, where awkward moments could have superseded anything else.

The top-seeded Blue Devils defeated Loyola as expected in men's lacrosse, then took aside a former teammate and shared a special moment.

Finnerty posed for an impromptu photograph near midfield with his ex-teammates, capping a strange get-together on a splendid, yet windy, Saturday afternoon at nearly full Koskinen Stadium.

Duke players say Finnerty remains part of their group even though he wore the opposing uniform during the Blue Devils' 12-7 victory. He was one of the three falsely accused players in the highly publicized rape case stemming from

His decision to transfer took him to Loyola.

In the tournament game, he scored. And again. And again.

Each time there was the same reaction: Hearty ovation from Duke fans. . . .

The rest of Sutton’s report’s here. I hope you read it.


Dear Editor Sutton:

I blog as John in Carolina and have posted often on the Duke hoax, the frame-up attempt and the ongoing cover-up of it.

I want to express my admiration and deep appreciation for your report of Collin Finnerty’s return to Duke and Koskinen Stadium to participate in the Loyola-Duke lacrosse game.

You conveyed so well that the day was about more than a game, and that one of the players was part of both teams and their fans.

Your selection and ordering of quotes from Finnerty, players on both teams and coaches allowed them “ to tell the story,” while your restrained but sharp text added detail and feeling.

Your report reminded me of Ernie Pyle’s WW II reports in which he’d let the reader know something of the location and circumstances of the fight, but it would be the GIs and what they were saying and doing that was the story.

I feel certain Collin Finnerty and his family already know of your report, but just in case I’m passing it on to a friend of mine who is a good friend of theirs.


John in Carolina

Readers Note: For those of you who may care to contact Bob Sutton his email is:

Hat tip: Archer 05


sceptical said...

Compare this wording to the New York Times article where it only stated "the charges were dropped." More half-truths from the Times.


sceptical said...

Compare "three falsely accused players" to "the charges were later dropped" in a New York Times article. More half truths from the Times:

JWM said...


Thanks for the heads-up.

I'd have missed that story but for you.

Take a look at the main page post and let me know what you think.



Anonymous said...


Nice post.



A Friend said...

Passed along as requested. It was much appreciated.