Sunday, April 06, 2008

Where’s Obama’s money coming from?

A U. S. News & World Report political report begins:

The AP reports this morning that Sen. Barack Obama "raked in" $40 million last month leaving Sen. Hillary Clinton "and her $20 million in the fundraising dust and stuffing his campaign treasury so he can outspend her in the crucial Pennsylvania primary."
The rest of the story’s here. It provides information about the states where Obama's spending the money.

Good, that takes care of the where.

But what about the who?

Who gave that $40 million?

Yes, I heard about the “ people who believe in Obama” and are sending in $1 and $10 contributions.

That’s all very touching, but it’s usually not the way you get to $40 million, at least not in a month.

And Obama’s been out-raising Clinton for many months. By now his contributions must total in the hundreds of millions.

Who’s giving him that money?

MSM needs to tell us more about Obama’s big money sources and what their interests are.

If MSM news organizations aren’t sure how to do that the answer is easy: they just do it the same way they would if a Republican was raising the kind of money Obama is.

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mac said...
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justice58 said...

Barack has a network of supporters that is building by the day! You have to admit, Barack can raise a ridiculous amount of money faster than you or I can type!

It comes from supporters across America--- like me, my family, friends, cousins, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews,!

Umm---I'm going right now to donate---again! And I'll keep giving it to him!

mac said...
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Anonymous said...

On the one hand we keep hearing how poverty-stricken our Black neighbors are and how they need so much public money to allow them to keep body and sould together. Then we see Mr. Obama collecting huge amounts from--presumably--these same Black folks, and the question is very obvious. Others claim George Soros is bankrolling the campaign. Is all of it coming from George Soros or from small donors as some people claim? Either way, it doesn't pass the smell test, does it?
Tarheel Hawkeye

JWM said...

To Mac,

Very, very few people have raised that matter you have.

I say that as a "hat tip."

Your reasonable speculation underlines the importance of a close, hard look at Obama's big givers ASAP.

To Justice58,

Glad to present your point of view.

My concerns still stand.

To Mac @ 7:29,

I'm not sure just what your comment means.

Is it directed at anyone in particular?

To TH,


So poverty sticken that all Rev. Wright's church could give him as a retirement present was a 10, 00 sq. ft. house on a golf course.

That's no such a big gift when you remember John Edwards, the "poverty fighter," has a 30,000 sq. ft. house.

Thank you all.


JWM said...

To All,

Rev. Wright's church gave him a 10,000 sq. ft. retirement present.

Sorry for my error.


mac said...
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justice58 said...


Blacks aren't the only group giving to the Obama Campaign---Are you kidding me! There are mass numbers of white people giving money & supporting him on a daily basis. They show up at his rallies in astounding numbers with much love for him!

Please don't buy into the silly season stuff--making it seem like blacks are the only ones funding his campaign. I've seen white supporters drive from other states to Texas and work aggressively on the ground during the Texas Primary/Caucus. I was there! We all worked together, blacks, whites, hispanics to reach that goal!

Barack is a man of the people! This is a movement that is much much bigger than Barack. Come on & get on board!

Good day!

JWM said...

To Justice58,

I never suggested anything about the racial breakdown of Obama's campaign contributors.

You'll see that if you reread the post.

I hope you correct your comment.

Thank you.


justice58 said...


"I never suggested anything about the racial breakdown of Obama's campaign contributors".
No you didn't! My bad!

But that's what I got from Tarhell & I shouldn't have included you in that remark! My apology!