Thursday, April 10, 2008

Jackie Mason’s Wright-Obama standup

Comedian Jackie Mason has a fact-based monologue directing questions to the "post-racial" Sen. Barack Obama concerning “the beloved pastor,” Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

“So you listened, but you didn’t hear?”

Most of Mason's questions are tougher than that.

I smiled some, but mostly I wonder why Obama hasn’t already answered Mason’s questions.

If Mason in April can ask questions that leave Obama silent and/or looking disingenuous, can even the anything-for-Obama MSM save him in November?

Take a look at Mason’s tape.

Don’t be put off by the first minute or two of loud advertising.

After that, Mason comes on and you’ll watch and hear comedy that tells the truth.

That’s what I think.

Let me know what you think


Anonymous said...

John -

Jackie Mason makes one very interesting point about Obama that reminds of somewhat of Mr. Clinton's response in 1992, when confronted with the possibility of having smoked marijuana while at Oxford: I smoked but I didn't inhale.

Correspondingly, Obama's response now when confronted by accusations of having sat through the "Reverend" Wright's venom and done nothing is: I listened but I didn't hear.

I didn't believe Clinton then, I don't believe Obama now.

Thanks for the Jackie Mason tape.

Jack in Silver Spring

mac said...

Jackie's right? Which is it? Stupid? Deaf? A liar? All of the above?

One other thing to add: people can smoke if they want, but Obama just gave up the habit. And his pastor wants to rant about conspiracies? But he can't discern the biggest conspiracy exposed in the 20th century? He has nothing to say about the Tobacco Institute? From that, I'd say the man is stupid, not deaf or dishonest.

And Obama smokes and wants to run healthcare in this country? That's like Billy Clinton lecturing about STDs.

Many thanks for giving us the opportunity to see Jackie. The man has integrity. Apparently a rare quality.

Anonymous said...

Jackie Mason, in addition to being a pretty astute observer of life in general, is an ordained Rabbi who chose not to pursue that career. I believe his remarks on Mr. Obama's relationship with Pastor Wright go directly to the heart of the issue. If Mr. Obama attended that church for 20 years and considered Pastor Wright his spiritual mentor, how can he expect us to believe he never listened to what Pastor Wright was saying? As Jackie asks: Does Mr. Obama think we're all stupid?Tarheel Hawkeye