Saturday, April 12, 2008

More N&O Duke Hoax coverup

JinC Regulars know I often post concerning the efforts of the Raleigh News & Observer and its enablers to coverup the N&O’s leading role in launching the Duke witch hunt and sustaining the attempted frame-up of three innocent Duke students for gang-rape and other felonies.

I just found another example of the N&O’s coverup.

It’s in of all places the N&O’s Apr. 12, 2007 story, Duke lacrosse players 'innocent', reporting AG Cooper’s finding there never was any credible evidence for what the N&O told readers on Mar. 25, 2006 was a night which ended in “sexual violence.”

Under reporter Anne Blythe’s byline and with reporters Michael Biesecker, Joseph Neff, Benjamin Niolet, Matthew Eisley, Matt Dees, Samiha Khanna, Jim Wise, Eric Ferreri and Stanley B. Chambers Jr listed as contributors, we come to the story’s sixteenth paragraph which reads:

The case unleashed cascades of anger -- initially at the lacrosse team, then at the accuser and later at Nifong, who sparked protests and marches with his insistence that a racially motivated gang-rape occurred. (emphasis added)
As Blythe and the other reporters and their editors knew full well, the protests and marches began before Nifong ever began speaking publicly about the case on Mar. 27.

The “cascades of anger” were a response principally to the racially inflammatory, deliberately fraudulent N&O story of Mar. 25 which the N&O said was about a night during which a young black mother was a victim of “sexual violence” but also to other grossly biased N&O coverage casting the accuser as the victim of brutish, racist, white Duke lacrosse players.

The first vigil outside the house where the N&O told readers the “sexual violence” had occurred was held the evening of Mar. 25.

The following morning the pot-bangers - including some Duke faculty - held their rally under CASTRATE and GIVE THEM EQUAL MEASURE banners. The hate-filled crowd shouted threats.

On the morning of Mar. 27, before Nifong had made his first public statements about the case, there was a hate-filled speak-out on Duke’s campus and the Vigilante poster was in preparation.

Folks, don’t let N&O reporters and editors fool you. Nifong, at least publicly, followed where the N&O had led.

Now, if N&O reporters and editors say something like – “Well, you see, it really was all Nifong’s fault because we were using him and some people he was directing as anonymous sources for our Mar. 24, 25, 26 and 27 Hoax coverage; and darn if they didn’t mislead us and we want to tell you all about that.” - I’ll be all ears.

I bet you’ll be, too.


Anonymous said...

Thanks John

Mikey is the target for all looking to shift blame.

It's a given that the N&O would do the same if they were forced to answer for what they published.

At this point, I doubt he was the source, directly or indirectly, for the articles published prior to 3/26/06.


Anonymous said...

John -

As I have said in earlier comments, the N&O is truth challenged. I am not surprised by their spinning a yarn about the sequence of events so they can place the blame elsewhere. Also - I am intrigued by kbp's speculation that Nifong was not the source for the articles published prior to 3/26/06. If he was not, then who was?

Jack in Silver Spring

Anonymous said...


He was not any where around when Gottleib SOMEHOW reopened the rape investigation back around 3/16.


Anonymous said...

A great find, John. If any attorney reads this blog, can you offer advice about what readers and citizens can do concerning this travesty of journalistic justice?